Sunday, January 1, 2012

Party for 2

It is so neat to be able to be a momma with my sister even though we don't live in the same city we definitely try to make up for lost time when we get the boys together. I remember taking baths with other kids when I was small. Sidenote: some of those other kids are full grown men now with wives and kids so it kind of creeps me out when I see them to think I used to take a bath with them when we were small, end sidenote. Either way, Wyatt and Crewe took a bath together one night while they were here and it went pretty smoothly. At the first mention of it I had visions of Crewe getting dunked in the tub, but Wyatt proved me wrong. In fact it was Crewe who made bath time come to an end.

Poor Mr. Wyatt had to were a girl diaper after, if I recall correctly, having a blowout and no back up.

They both look a little concerned about what is going on.

 Putting pajamas on two active boys is no easy task especially when one of those boys was not at all happy about his sweet cousin spitting up in the tub causing bathtime to end way before he was ready. Sorry Wyatt!

This has nothing to do with cousins taking a bath, but I came out to this after putting Crewe down for bed and a husband doing laundry. Really did I get that lucky! The note made me laugh out loud.

I cannot believe it is a new year!

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  1. I cannot believe how big Wyatt has gotten!!! When he was talking up a storm at Truitt's party last weekend it just blew my mind! We need to get all three boys together next time yall come down.