Friday, January 6, 2012

DMV = H E double hockey sticks

So I have now been married for almost 4 months and had yet to get my license updated because I have horrible memories of what the DMV can be like when you go by yourself, nevermind trying to accomplish this task with an infant.Well Friday I set out to get this done, after all I am a Moran now. Crewe's naps didn't quite pan out how I had hoped but darnit I was going to cross this off of my to do list. I wholeheartedly function off of to do list. When I say Crewe's naps didn't pan out that means he slept a whole 15 minutes for his morning nap which is usually 1.5 hours. You need to know that to get the full effect of the situation when we walked into the DMV at 2 pm with literally 100 people waiting and people commenting how they had been waiting for 2.5 hours. I tried to get a picture of the waiting room, but decided it might seem a little creepy for me to take a picture of 100+ strangers. Crewe really did remarkable well considering we were scrunched in a small space.

I kept him entertained for the first 30 minutes by letting him put gum in and out of a packet. He thought it was the best.

This is about the point that I started sweating more than the average female. He was getting antsy and tired. The gum had lost its aura and he was ready to go. I was wishing I hadn't worn a gray shirt as well

He started launching the gum at people and it crossed my mind that this would be so much easier if he was still in my stomach than an active 1 year old. I think I have already mentioned how social my little guy has gotten in the past month and has gotten quite determined that he does not need to hold on to anybody when he walks. He sooo still needs a hand when he walks. Literally 100+ people where watching me chase him around (sweat stains and all) the DMV and probably hoping I would not sit next to them.

I made a comment to the lady next to me for a nano second and when I turned back to Crewe he had walked himself over to a gentleman that looked rather gangster (sorry if that offends) and was trying to feed the guy his yogurt puffs (crossed my mind to take a picture and then common sense kicked in).  I was mortified and had to remind him, not everyone wants to be his best friend. In all seriousness the guy ended up being super nice. Anywho, 2.5 hours later our number was called, FINALLY, we got up to the counter, Crewe spit up all over the place, the lady looked at me like I was digusting, we had our picture taken and I am officially a Moran (was that a run-on)?

Hope everyone had a great week~

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  1. Oh no! In the tummy is easier but way less fun to cuddle with. :)