Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Man Lately

Little man you are growing up a little too quickly for Momma's liking these days. It seems like everyday you are doing something new. I think it is official that you now walk more than you crawl. I have not seen you crawl at all in a couple weeks *tear, sniff*. You are still a man of few words, but lots of squeals of delight. I would consider that your main form of communtication. You are a pretty good signer too. Some people, ahem.. your Grandpa, think that signs like -touchdown- are more important than -all done- so, some of your sign are getting mixed up.

I often have moments where I wish I could just capture everything you are in a jar and open it when I am 50 to be able to experience Crewe again at 14 months. The way you smell, smile, babble aka: spit, your bed head when you wake up, how much you love nursing (even though I think it is coming to an end, again *tear, sniff*), how you hike your knees so high when you walk. The way you will be naughty just to have your Daddy or I come chase you. I love that if you are not supposed to be doing something instead of telling you No all. the. time. I can just phrase it into helping me and you are more than happy to listen.

You are such a good sweeper

You are ever so slowly starting to be interested in utensils and Momma is having to accept the fact that more lands on the floor than in your mouth.

 I think you will definitley be a little monkey as you get older because you become VERY determined when it comes to getting on the couch but.......

 you have learned that accepting a boost every now and then isn't so bad.

 Momma cannot turn around for 5 seconds if food is anywhere in your reach. You love to eat.

 Bathtime still remains the highlight of your day. Momma loves how you like to cuddle right when you get out.

Mickey Mania still happens everyday in this house. You lean over and kiss your mickey shirt all day when you have it on.

This is the result of us taking your beloved Mickey shirt off.

You will kiss any picture you see of Mommy and Daddy, which of course melts my heart into a puddle on the floor.

You are such a joy. Tonight as I rocked you to sleep it was one of those nights that you fell in a deep sleep in my arms and I could kiss all over you without waking you up. I just eat those times up. I love kissing those little eye lids and how you purse you lips when I kiss them. There are nights where I have contemplated crawling in your crib just because you looked so cuddly.

I had no idea I had the capability to love so unconditionally. Every night I lay you in your crib I tell you how much I love you, to sleep well, have sweet dreams and that I will see you when you wake up no matter what time it is. And I mean that.



  1. Oh Alexis.. it melts my heart! I was never big on babies.. before I had one! Now I am just almost in tears reading about YOUR boy because I can't believe Claire will EVER be that big (and it's coming so quickly!) I can't believe how quickly they grow and how incredibly precious each moment is with them. Such sweet little gifts (that require so much hard work!). :)

  2. Oh how I love his little touch down picture! Adorable!