Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Picking back up

I keep putting off picking back up on blogging because I don't really know where to start. The thought of recapping our lives since May seems overwhelming, so naturally the smart decision is to just not blog at all and then regret it when a year goes by I have no documentation of all the little things in our life.
My previous blogs posts were way too focused on writing for my readers, editing pictures so they look like they came from a professional camera... blah, blah, blah.
I am so happy to pick back up and keep up with this little space BUT it will be more phone pictures and snippets when I can find time to post. That is just our life right now.
So where to begin:
We decided in July it was a good time to start trying for baby number #2 and much like Crewe it happened very quickly. We got a positive test on July 23rd.

Spent a lot of time posted up on the couch due to morning sickness

We sold our house
Moved into and apartment while our house is being built

Moved out of our apartment 2 weeks later due to some major abuse happening in the apartment above us
Moved into a duplex a quarter mile away from our house and get to drive by whenever we want... read 5 times a day
Found out we are having a girl

23 weeks
Crewe celebrated the big 3. How is that possible?!?!

That briefly catches me up for the past 6 months.. which is exactly why I am going to start blogging again, because I have left out so much special stuff!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happiness Is.....

Happiness it does so much good for my soul.
Life has been so so good to us. In the sadness of the past few weeks, with the Boston bombing and the West Explosion, it really makes me treasure our day to day, our routine, the little things that annoy me some days. Perspective... a fresh, welcomed perspective on the preciousness of life.
Happiness is........
Neighbors loving our babies.
I kind of adore Crewe's face. Have I told you how much I love weird?

Toddlers who's faces still look so baby-ish

Traffic jams up in the hizzouz!!!

Nerds... nough said, they are way hotter than jocks. 
Accomplishing a 10 foot walk in daddy's shoes that took 20 minutes

Painting with buds

You did say paint my leg, right?
Helping mommy find some summer shoes. This photo was NOT daddy approved

Dipping everything we eat in barbecue sauce... including strawberries

Cat watching....

And worm hunting

Spring flowers

And yard word with Daddy
There is still so much promise and happiness in this world! Just look at our future!

I pray everyday to God, that he can take everything from us but let us keep Jesus, each other and our health... everything else is abundance and excess.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Changing

My life definitely goes in phases of how my time is spent. I have seasons where I feel I have more time to blog and then I have seasons where I am consumed by my It works (wrapping) business. Or maybe I should say those are the 2 that I will get lazy with one to spend on the other and vice versa.
I try to never let God, being a wife and being a mommy be the things that get sacrificed; although if I am being honest sometimes they do.
I haven't posted a lot about my business lately... lets be honest I haven't posted much period lately, but wanted to in honor of my year anniversary with It Works. Ya'll this company has completely changed our financial future, COMPLETELY! I have never done anything remotely close to Multi Level Marketing companies and was so super scared to try this and fail.

This opportunity constantly kept popping into my head and I kept pushing it down.
But I couldn't get the "what if?" question out of my head. What if it's a totally legitimate direct sales company like Mary Kay and so many others and I hit the jackpot because I got in at the right time? What if the compensation plan rewarded me more than I ever deserved for the effort I put forth in the beginning? And what if these wraps are amazing and good for you like they say? The formula has been around 20 years and the company for 12.
All I wanted when I started was to be able to pay for 1 family vacation a year with the money I brought in. I was going to be thrilled if I could make and extra $500 a month.... well the longer I worked at this business the commission checks just kept increasing... like to the point that I am making more, a month, than I did with my full time job before I had Crewe AND I am not working full time hours AND I AM staying at home with this munchkin.

Momentum phases happen ONCE for a company and that is what we are in right now FOLKS. NOW IS THE TIME.

The product sells itself. For more pictures of what this product does go HERE.
 Repeating the steps below is all it takes to make THOUSANDS. I am serious.. it is THAT simple. 

 And I think if you join today, then six months from now you will be doing what I did and asking yourself why didn't I get in when I was first approached? Because this business and product are amazing and it is changing my life.
I know this girl on my team kicks herself for not starting sooner, but she still scored a $10,000 bonus in March

Hear me when I say that it takes 3 workers below you to make 5k + a month with this company.

Feel free to email me if you are at all curious about this life changing venture! alexismoran82@yahoo.com

Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Weekend (aka a bunch of pictures with captions)

This weekend we headed to the Big D for a conference that I had for the AWESOME company that I joined exactly a year ago that has more than replaced (like getting close to doubling) my full time salary before I became a stay at home momma. INSANE!
More on that later!
My blog has suffered a bit here lately because I run into feeling like I need some heartfelt, deep, or super funny post in order to blog and I haven't had much of any of that lately, but life has been good, so why not post about that right?
I will let the pictures speak for themselves. We had an amazing time in Dallas and needed the getaway.

I stripped all the clothes off my husband due to the 40 degree weather. Thanks honey.

When I get to heaven I will ask God why he made THIS the only way giraffes could eat grass.

Crewe would have spent the entire 3 hours walking around the tree border had we let him.
 Feeding the birds was by far our favorite exhibit. I was surprised at how much Crewe liked it... minus the time he tried to stab the bird with the stick.

Revisiting my childhood. My kid HATES a good carousel ride, so momma does it with him.

I have learned to throw schedules out the window on long car rides and to just enjoy the journey so we made a lot of pit stops. Nikki's swirl shop is a must and you cant go 6 hours without stopping at at least 1 park... or at least we can't. 

Like father like son

Getting ready for my bar routine followed by my Olympic dismount.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!