Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Changing

My life definitely goes in phases of how my time is spent. I have seasons where I feel I have more time to blog and then I have seasons where I am consumed by my It works (wrapping) business. Or maybe I should say those are the 2 that I will get lazy with one to spend on the other and vice versa.
I try to never let God, being a wife and being a mommy be the things that get sacrificed; although if I am being honest sometimes they do.
I haven't posted a lot about my business lately... lets be honest I haven't posted much period lately, but wanted to in honor of my year anniversary with It Works. Ya'll this company has completely changed our financial future, COMPLETELY! I have never done anything remotely close to Multi Level Marketing companies and was so super scared to try this and fail.

This opportunity constantly kept popping into my head and I kept pushing it down.
But I couldn't get the "what if?" question out of my head. What if it's a totally legitimate direct sales company like Mary Kay and so many others and I hit the jackpot because I got in at the right time? What if the compensation plan rewarded me more than I ever deserved for the effort I put forth in the beginning? And what if these wraps are amazing and good for you like they say? The formula has been around 20 years and the company for 12.
All I wanted when I started was to be able to pay for 1 family vacation a year with the money I brought in. I was going to be thrilled if I could make and extra $500 a month.... well the longer I worked at this business the commission checks just kept increasing... like to the point that I am making more, a month, than I did with my full time job before I had Crewe AND I am not working full time hours AND I AM staying at home with this munchkin.

Momentum phases happen ONCE for a company and that is what we are in right now FOLKS. NOW IS THE TIME.

The product sells itself. For more pictures of what this product does go HERE.
 Repeating the steps below is all it takes to make THOUSANDS. I am serious.. it is THAT simple. 

 And I think if you join today, then six months from now you will be doing what I did and asking yourself why didn't I get in when I was first approached? Because this business and product are amazing and it is changing my life.
I know this girl on my team kicks herself for not starting sooner, but she still scored a $10,000 bonus in March

Hear me when I say that it takes 3 workers below you to make 5k + a month with this company.

Feel free to email me if you are at all curious about this life changing venture!

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