Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happiness Is.....

Happiness it does so much good for my soul.
Life has been so so good to us. In the sadness of the past few weeks, with the Boston bombing and the West Explosion, it really makes me treasure our day to day, our routine, the little things that annoy me some days. Perspective... a fresh, welcomed perspective on the preciousness of life.
Happiness is........
Neighbors loving our babies.
I kind of adore Crewe's face. Have I told you how much I love weird?

Toddlers who's faces still look so baby-ish

Traffic jams up in the hizzouz!!!

Nerds... nough said, they are way hotter than jocks. 
Accomplishing a 10 foot walk in daddy's shoes that took 20 minutes

Painting with buds

You did say paint my leg, right?
Helping mommy find some summer shoes. This photo was NOT daddy approved

Dipping everything we eat in barbecue sauce... including strawberries

Cat watching....

And worm hunting

Spring flowers

And yard word with Daddy
There is still so much promise and happiness in this world! Just look at our future!

I pray everyday to God, that he can take everything from us but let us keep Jesus, each other and our health... everything else is abundance and excess.