Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update on the Applicator that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Ok that me be a bit dramatic, but I have been in this business for 2 months now and have a pretty good client base under me with some pretty amazing results. Definitely feel the results are "share worthy".

Just to update anyone who is new to my blog, this product  is an all natural, site specific detox patch that tightens tones and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes. Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells causing them to swell. The ingredients on this product pull the toxins out of the fat cell causing the fat cell to shrink resulting in inch loss. The inches you lose are gone as if you worked them off. They will not return with a sip of water.

All the pictures I am about to show you are people that I know personally or are current customers of mine.

The product is extremely affordable. Please email me at happilywrapped@yahoo.com if you have any question or are interested in trying or selling this product. I have been with this amazing company for only 2 months and am close to replacing the full time monthly salary I made before I became a stay-at-home momma.

Without further adieu, meet my sweet customers.

This is my college roommate my freshman  year after 4 wraps. She changed nothing about her lifestyle

1 wrap 24 hours after removal
 3 wraps in 9 days

This is a highschool friend 3 months post baby after 6 wraps in 19 days

They have a product called Defining Gel aka liquid gold,which works wonders on smoothing cellulite. This is after 1 week of applying 2 times a day.
 Another sweet friend from highschool who has become a distributor. This picture is 13 hours after 1 wrap. She also has a precious blog called The Homepayge. You can find her here. Go follow along she is kind of hilarious and blogs about a ton of DIY projects.

The applicator can do wonders on stretch marks as well.
 4 wraps on each leg. She is one happy customer!
If you are at all interested about what this amazing product can do for you please contact me at happilywrapped@yahoo.com. I would love to answer any questions.

Be Blessed,

Monday, May 28, 2012


That has been my life for the past, uh... almost 2 months. So much has happened and I am so disappointed that I let the blog slip because I realized I take sooo many more pictures of my sweet baby when I blog about them and I KNOW in 30 years I will be upset for not having a bazillion pictures of sweet baby Crewe when he was cuddly and little.

I am going to try to catch ya'll up on the past 2 months in pictures sub-titles of course, without putting yall to sleep. Oh, but a big bummer that I am not posting any house pics yet because we STILL are not finished, dun-dun-dun! Big bummer.
Mommy is still trying to find a balance with work from home and staying home with you, sweet pumpkin, but I love that I feel like we are figuring eachother out togeter.

Seriously Mom? A tree? Is that the best you could do?

Crewe has accepted the fact that his life is revolving around trips to Lowe's,
but Momma makes up for it by LOTS of outside play time.

Crewe is kind of Type A about figuring out how buckles work right now, so that is what he
 liked most about the zoo.

Lots of wrapping has been going on, in fact I am pretty sure I have wrapped
the whole state of Texas.

A peak at what will be the "centerpiece" of our living room. The moment I
saw it in the store I knew it had to be mine!


Our Memorial Day was spent mowing the lawn, wanting to throw baseboards throught the window because they SUCK to install, playing in the water, followed by some sandbox time and a big, huge, greasy, fattening burger. It was perfect!

I can't promise it won't be another month before I post again (I will try my hardest not to let it be that long), but this should catch you up on the past 2. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! I know my family has a lot of veterans to celebrate, especially this precious man who we lost a year ago. Crewe's papaw! Wonderful man who left a wonderful legacy behind.

Be blessed!