Friday, June 29, 2012

Lean on me

That is the verse that popped into my head as I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs tonight. I get so down on myself somedays when I feel like all I can do is keep my head above water until John gets home. 

When the day isn't spent blowing bubbles outside, playing with blocks on the floor, or painting with water colors at my shabby chic table, with Crewe wearing a cute bib that was hand sewn by me.

 Rather, it was spent saying "Crewe don't touch that, don't climb on that, get down, the dishwasher is not to stand in, you are really hindering mommy not helping, I can't wait until nap time, don't throw your food on the floor, one more bite, no more suckers you have already had 3 today. Do you have those days? Mine are sometimes more often than I like.

As I am meandering through my days, especially the hard ones, I invision all these other momma bloggers that I follow never raising their voice when they are frustrated, doing cool crafts with their kids, never stressing over a dirty house (because a dirty house makes happy kids) or so that's what pinterest says and has 14,000 pins.

Here I am stressing about a dirty house and not even owning a sewing machine and wondering how these mommas have time to do any crafts, when some days I have a hard time even squeezing in a shower. BUT then it hits me when I read similar blog posts as the one I am typing now and those tend to have the most comments from other momma's saying "Boy I am glad I am not the only one".

You see, I think we ALL have those days where we come up short, feel like all we have done is failed our kiddo, not showered let alone even thought about starting a load of laundry.

Maybe I should start a link up once a week of things we DIDN'T accomplish this week, but we are okay with that! We are cutting ourselves some slack! We are realizing we are all the same! We are okay we didn't get everything checked off our To-Do list or all we did was survive for the week, because I sure know it makes me feel so much better when some of my favorite bloggers seem more human by having post that are not only consisting of craft times with their kids or how perfect their weeks has been. Just sayin! I feel more connected, less crazy!

Yes I do realize that my pictures have absolutely nothing to do with my post, but come on, who can resist that sweet face! I know I can't, even on the hard days when Crewe pulls a shelf completley off the wall, that I just installed last night. ; ) Cause really, look how sweet he is!

 My little perfect angel! Let's go sit at our shabby chic table and paint with water colors ; )

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So, I am sitting at home tonight by myself, well technically not completely alone, Crewe is asleep and Sophie is dosing on the floor. Alone in the sense that John flew to Wisconsin today for an interview. Not just any interview, but a life changing interview. Fingers and toes are crossed because tomorrow is the big day we find out if he gets it. Prayers accepted :) I am beyond proud of him!

I believe his comment to Crewe in the photo was, "Crewe come over here so I don't have to get up and parent." NICE!

 Professional and all, but never too cool to drink out of the waterhose with a dog. LOVE HIM!

As soon as we dropped him of at the airport today it occurred to me that this will be the first time I have spent the night alone since becoming a momma and that happened 19 months ago.

Ok, Ok so onto the to revelations..... these are not the type of revelations, like I have decided to not have more children or I don't like our house so we need to look for another, but the fact that it occurred to me tonight that when I find something I like, whether it be a hairstyle, spray paint, decorating style, etc.... I latch onto it.

Case in point, this hair do:

30 weeks pregnant in this one, but as you can see, pic a picture folder on my computer and chances are my hair is fixed like this.
LOVED this hairdo and deep down in my heart I still do UNTIL I read an article making fun of Snooki for always sporting my favorite do and then ANOTHER article I read was all about what guys don't find attractive on women and yep you guessed it, MY hairstyle was on the top of the list. My husband still swears he loves it on me. ;) Is that what good husbands are supposed to say?

Case in point #2- This spray paint:

 You can tranform anything that you want with this stuff. It comes in a variety of colors and transform the product to look just like you bought it that way. Now I want to spray paint ANYTHING in our home that has a frame around it. I mean really the possibilities are endless. Buy something on clearlance that isnt perfect but will work? spray paint it. Old hardware on your cabinets? Spray paint it. Don't like your hair color? Spray  paint it. Seriously is is so worth the 6 buckaroos.

Case in point #3- This clothing style:
2 words: Yoga pants

You get the picture! I like comfy clothes.

Its like I can't just handle it in small doses but I want to cram it into every wall, ceiling, floor, daily routine.... well you see where I am going. I think this is a break through for me that it is ok to like something, but that in no way means you have to become obbessed with it. Almost like if you have it in small doses you don't get tired of it and then you don't have to spend a small fortune redecorating you whole home becuase you are so over it (ask my husband).

I still swear it's a disorder, something like:  "Can't handle in moderationalism" (hint: read it quick and as one word)

Do any of you have this disorder?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times

So I am coming to the (necessary) realization that not all my post have to be marathon posts with close to 50 pictures. As much as I know you guys love scrolling for 10 minutes just to get to the end, I am going to start posting more frequent post that don't take half a day to get through. Deal? Deal!

 I just poured myself a glass of wine, becuase that is the only way I blog, and had to stop and get up from the table to go pot a poor palm tree that has been staring at me and just sitting in its original container far to long, begging me for some fresh soil and water. I know if I didn't do it now it would get put off until tomorrow, which will turn into the weekend. 

That basically sums up life for us right now. Start one thing, think of something else I need to do, stop what I just started, go work on project I just thought of and don't come back to first project for weeks. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya, but one day I will get it done.

Crewe and I decided that Sophie needed a bath, 6 months ago, so we set out to make that our morning mission.

The climax of the dog wash was a 45 minute tantrum over something to do with me opening his popsicle (to the best of my knowledge). I am still not 100% sure what caused it, but by the end of it I was ready to lock him in his room. I am the only mama that has those moments?

 So after a LOOOONG nap and the joyous arrival of daddy went to the whole foods store to pick up some grass fed beef.

Crewe takes his shopping very seriously!

Beating the heat with a popsicles is a our summer mantra. We do it every single night. It is Crewe's nighcap!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I know I have people who are visiting my blog looking for more information about the Ultimate Body Applicator. If this is you, I have a tab at the top of my page with all my post about it. That being said, I have a pretty cute little boy and a pretty fun life if you would like to continue reading before you check out the info about the applicator. Just sayin ; )


So I had visions... BIG visions, of having all this extra time once we moved into our house to do the 2,000 DIY projects I have posted on my pinterest board. Oh how wrong I was. We are still struggling to get the boring stuff done. You know, laying baseboards, cutting tile, painting walls. I have visions of framing bathroom mirrors, making a bench seat out of a twin size headboard. The fun stuff, but alas most days I sit with a blank stare wondering how I will get it all done and then decide to forget about it all and go play with this cutie.

I stare at this stuff more than I would like to admit. I think it was bred into me. I like pretty grass. The green lucious grass that just begs you to come walk through it. For some reason if I stare at it I feel like that will keep it pretty. Please tell me there are others who do this?!?! Just this picture makes me giddy.

Crewe clearly agrees that pretty lawns are of upmost importance.

We love summer at our house. I mean love summer so much that we will look for any reason to be outside, even if that means we OD daily on popsicles, because lets be real, a toddler and a popsicle must happen outside.

Our nightly routine has settled into having an "after dinner sucker" and I wonder why my kiddo didn't start sleepin through the night until 14 months. You think I'm kidding don't you. I am not 14 months of having a newborn. Getting up 2 to 3 times. How I managed I am still not sure, but really who can deny the utter excitement of a wobbly baby running towards something he loves.

This past weekend was busy and great! I love in life when busy and great meet up into a time you would happily relive over and over again. A very special and dear to my heart man, came to visit, I turned the big 3-0 and my sweet hubby celebrated his second Father's Day. Sometimes I think pictures tell the story better than words.

Crewe summoning the rain Gods

ANNNNND then we had a brownie coma!