Friday, June 29, 2012

Lean on me

That is the verse that popped into my head as I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs tonight. I get so down on myself somedays when I feel like all I can do is keep my head above water until John gets home. 

When the day isn't spent blowing bubbles outside, playing with blocks on the floor, or painting with water colors at my shabby chic table, with Crewe wearing a cute bib that was hand sewn by me.

 Rather, it was spent saying "Crewe don't touch that, don't climb on that, get down, the dishwasher is not to stand in, you are really hindering mommy not helping, I can't wait until nap time, don't throw your food on the floor, one more bite, no more suckers you have already had 3 today. Do you have those days? Mine are sometimes more often than I like.

As I am meandering through my days, especially the hard ones, I invision all these other momma bloggers that I follow never raising their voice when they are frustrated, doing cool crafts with their kids, never stressing over a dirty house (because a dirty house makes happy kids) or so that's what pinterest says and has 14,000 pins.

Here I am stressing about a dirty house and not even owning a sewing machine and wondering how these mommas have time to do any crafts, when some days I have a hard time even squeezing in a shower. BUT then it hits me when I read similar blog posts as the one I am typing now and those tend to have the most comments from other momma's saying "Boy I am glad I am not the only one".

You see, I think we ALL have those days where we come up short, feel like all we have done is failed our kiddo, not showered let alone even thought about starting a load of laundry.

Maybe I should start a link up once a week of things we DIDN'T accomplish this week, but we are okay with that! We are cutting ourselves some slack! We are realizing we are all the same! We are okay we didn't get everything checked off our To-Do list or all we did was survive for the week, because I sure know it makes me feel so much better when some of my favorite bloggers seem more human by having post that are not only consisting of craft times with their kids or how perfect their weeks has been. Just sayin! I feel more connected, less crazy!

Yes I do realize that my pictures have absolutely nothing to do with my post, but come on, who can resist that sweet face! I know I can't, even on the hard days when Crewe pulls a shelf completley off the wall, that I just installed last night. ; ) Cause really, look how sweet he is!

 My little perfect angel! Let's go sit at our shabby chic table and paint with water colors ; )


  1. My days are pretty much exactly like yours. Lots of stop this, don't do that, pick up the sippy. And we've never done a craft and I've never sewn a hand made bib. Sewing is overrated and frustrating in my book. People really craft with their less than 2 year olds? Just sounds like a mess to be cleaned up to me. And I've got enough messes to clean already! Forget the other bloggers.... Their houses are probably messy too.

  2. Don't let yourself get down! I think every mommy's day is almost the same! And you should just see my table.. not shabby or chic! ich.

  3. Most days are like yours---it's hard to get discouraged after people keep up their blogs, do millions of crafts, redo their house, and cook gourmet meals all at the same time:) Trust me, it's not like that! Most days are spent managing our kids, cleaning up syrup off the floor, and trying to stay sane;)