Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I know I have people who are visiting my blog looking for more information about the Ultimate Body Applicator. If this is you, I have a tab at the top of my page with all my post about it. That being said, I have a pretty cute little boy and a pretty fun life if you would like to continue reading before you check out the info about the applicator. Just sayin ; )


So I had visions... BIG visions, of having all this extra time once we moved into our house to do the 2,000 DIY projects I have posted on my pinterest board. Oh how wrong I was. We are still struggling to get the boring stuff done. You know, laying baseboards, cutting tile, painting walls. I have visions of framing bathroom mirrors, making a bench seat out of a twin size headboard. The fun stuff, but alas most days I sit with a blank stare wondering how I will get it all done and then decide to forget about it all and go play with this cutie.

I stare at this stuff more than I would like to admit. I think it was bred into me. I like pretty grass. The green lucious grass that just begs you to come walk through it. For some reason if I stare at it I feel like that will keep it pretty. Please tell me there are others who do this?!?! Just this picture makes me giddy.

Crewe clearly agrees that pretty lawns are of upmost importance.

We love summer at our house. I mean love summer so much that we will look for any reason to be outside, even if that means we OD daily on popsicles, because lets be real, a toddler and a popsicle must happen outside.

Our nightly routine has settled into having an "after dinner sucker" and I wonder why my kiddo didn't start sleepin through the night until 14 months. You think I'm kidding don't you. I am not 14 months of having a newborn. Getting up 2 to 3 times. How I managed I am still not sure, but really who can deny the utter excitement of a wobbly baby running towards something he loves.

This past weekend was busy and great! I love in life when busy and great meet up into a time you would happily relive over and over again. A very special and dear to my heart man, came to visit, I turned the big 3-0 and my sweet hubby celebrated his second Father's Day. Sometimes I think pictures tell the story better than words.

Crewe summoning the rain Gods

ANNNNND then we had a brownie coma!



  1. Happy belated, Alexis! I'm just like you... I want everything done and done now. :) Enjoy the process; it will all come together soon, :)

    The pictures of Crewe are my favorite! His blonde hair looks even blonder. I hope the wrap business is taking off.

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. You are right about that little guy being a cutie! He is too adorable. And Yes, I stare at my lawn also...but it's not as pretty and as lush looking as yours is. We need your little man to come and summon up the rain gods in our neck of the woods to green it up! It's funny you mention the sucker routine - my oldest son, who is now 10, was in a sucker routine every night for a few months, also. This was when he was about 2 1/2. Your story reminded me of that sweet memory. :)

    Happy 30th Birthday to you.

  3. Great pics! I loved reading everything. Oh and happy birthday!!!!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

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