Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Weekend (aka a bunch of pictures with captions)

This weekend we headed to the Big D for a conference that I had for the AWESOME company that I joined exactly a year ago that has more than replaced (like getting close to doubling) my full time salary before I became a stay at home momma. INSANE!
More on that later!
My blog has suffered a bit here lately because I run into feeling like I need some heartfelt, deep, or super funny post in order to blog and I haven't had much of any of that lately, but life has been good, so why not post about that right?
I will let the pictures speak for themselves. We had an amazing time in Dallas and needed the getaway.

I stripped all the clothes off my husband due to the 40 degree weather. Thanks honey.

When I get to heaven I will ask God why he made THIS the only way giraffes could eat grass.

Crewe would have spent the entire 3 hours walking around the tree border had we let him.
 Feeding the birds was by far our favorite exhibit. I was surprised at how much Crewe liked it... minus the time he tried to stab the bird with the stick.

Revisiting my childhood. My kid HATES a good carousel ride, so momma does it with him.

I have learned to throw schedules out the window on long car rides and to just enjoy the journey so we made a lot of pit stops. Nikki's swirl shop is a must and you cant go 6 hours without stopping at at least 1 park... or at least we can't. 

Like father like son

Getting ready for my bar routine followed by my Olympic dismount.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I love the Ft Worth Zoo! Glad you had fun in Dallas :)

  2. We just moved from Dallas - I so miss the zoo! My kids always loved feeding the giraffe. I just have to mention it b/c it's just too cute, but my daughter called flamingos "fa-mingalos" - love it!