Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teaching how he learns

So after my post about being more intentional with my time, it appears I have become more creative. Organization comes naturally to me. I love it and it loves me... being creative on the other hand is not my strong point.
I struggle so much teaching Crewe through play. I want to make learning fun for him and he is not one of those kids that likes to color and draw being in a confined area. He would much rather run cars into our baseboards or push his lawn mower in circles around the couch all the while screaming, "Don't chase Sophie (our dog), don't chase Sophie". Can you tell what we say to him.... a lot?
My first baby is pushing 10... too old to be terrorized by toddler toys.
It was also my mission to not spend a lot of money given the plethora of toys we always have scattered around the house, so this forced me to get creative and combine what he loves doing with learning material we already have.
I came up with this little game that holds his attention pretty well all the while we are spending quality time together and he is learning.
He LOVES animals and cars so combining them is a little slice of heaven for him. We will just play simple games where I will ask him to put his yellow car on the 2 ducks... or his blue plane on the 9 bees. Simple things that helps him with colors and counting.
We by no means do this everyday and most days I praise myself for the amount of "self play" I let Crewe do ;-), but coming up with these games really helps me sit down and engage with him.
Everytime we go to the store I let him pick out 1 Hot Wheels car to add to his collection. By the time he is 10 I am confident we will have no less than 500 hot wheels.
Nothing too impressive but I just wanted to share what we are doing to learn and play! 


  1. love it! this is where i struggle too. im not good with creative play and since we have two, i have such a hard time carving out individual time with each. one of my goals for this year was to do a little bit of "homeschool" but so far it hasnt been working!

  2. This is a great idea! One car every time you go to the store.....I think my hubby would shoot me! :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and added your button to my blog today! www.five27jones.blogspot.com