Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm weird and I know it!

Sometimes my brain works by song lyrics, so put this to "I'm sexy and I know it" and it makes more sense. Just one more little way I keep life exciting.
So I have been wanting to do this post for 2 reasons. One, to get it out there that I am kind of weird and kinda okay with it and two, so Crewe can know that weird is okay and cool, because of course his mama is the coolest of weird.
Oh and feel free to chime in at the end with how you are weird.... you know just to not make me feel alone here. ;-)

Here are some crazies about me:
1) I will wash, dry, fold and hang up 5 loads of laundry and it never fails I get to the last 3 or 4 items and just quit. It is like the thought of hanging up or folding 1 more piece is JUST.TOO.MUCH. Never mind that I just folded/hung 500 articles of clothing.
2) I take swigs of coffee creamer throughout my day as a sweet fix. In reality I probably drink about 200 of my daily calories in coffee creamer.
3) When the bath water runs at night I HAVE to have my feet right under it and I like the water to be like scalding hot.
4) Along with the coffee creamer. I snack on bacon bits! They have the perfect amount of salty and the texture is awesome (I really do eat healthy).
5) I absolutely, no questions asked, have to shave my legs! I cannot stand the way unshaved legs feel on pants and sheets. I think I have some kind of sensory disorder.
6) I hate.hate.hate washing my jeans beacuase it makes me feel like I have gained 10lbs in my sleep.
Confession: I wear my jeans A LOT before I wash them.
7) I always have an organization project going on in my head... that will come to completion. Truth: my husband hates it.
8) I have been known, on more than 100 occasions, to make my bed 10 minutes before we get in it just so the sheets are tight. I hate feeling smothered in my bed sheets. Again... sensory issues much?
9) I could win an award for the amount of times I have rewashed clothes in the washer because I ALWAYS forget to put them in the dryer and then they will sit in the dryer until I have a load in the washer forcing me to fold them.
Daddy always ends up pushing the kiddie cart
I wanted to have 10, but that is all I can think of tonight. Trust me there are much more than 9 oddities about me.
Of course I mixed in some fun pictures, that have nothing to do with my post, which it make it that much more weird, to make me not seem quite as weird. That's a lot of weird.
Hope everyone has a great weekend


  1. I totally re-make our bed before we sleep every.single.night... I make it in the morning but somehow it always gets messed up and I have to re-make it... so weird! And I could never snack on bacon because once I eat one piece I want the whole pack!! haha! I do love coffee creamer though!

  2. I love how cute the photos are that go along with your very unique quirks. My only concern is the coffee creamer, does it taste any good without the coffee? lol

  3. Okay I know it has nothing to do with anything you said, but Market Street! That is like my favorite grocery store! Oh and the picture of your husband and son bending over on their heads is adorable!

  4. I love this post, I need to recreate it based upon my weirdness, then you might not think you're as weird! :)

  5. Cutest pics ever your hubs and son are adorable!

  6. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :) I freaking love you even more after this post.

    P.S. I take little swigs of coffee creamer all the time. ;) It's like a shot or something. Hahahaha!

    Love you my bestie. :) WE NEED TO CATCH UP!

  7. oh wow, so glad that I don't have to shave my legs every single day...although I'm sure my husband would appreciate it if I did. It's no shave winter time. :)

  8. I'm fairly sure that the laundry rewashing isn't weird, but typical... right? I mean... I have a load in both machines right now... the load in the dryer has been there since Friday, and yesterday I threw a load in the washer....

    Bacon bits ARE a perfect snack.

    There are always at least 4 items that permanently reside in the bottom of my laundry basket of clean clothes.

    So, other than that... yeah, you're a bit weird. Isn't that awesome?

  9. Ha! I am the exact same way about laundry in all regards. My husband usually has to do the remaining few pieces (and I dare him to complain) :)! I also have leave washed laundry and dried laundry in the machines for far too long as well!