Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monthly Stickers: Say What???

Can I tell you I totally failed at the cute stickers you can buy from etsy to put on a onesie to show how many months your little one is. TOTALLY FAILED!!!! I missed the first 2 months because I did not have them yet and maybe achieved months 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11! Mom of the year right here! Now that I am looking I am more than a failure at it. What would that be? An uber failure. Either way here is proof that I have kept up with him even though he doesn't have cute little ties on all his shirts to prove it.

Month 2, mommy is still a little frazzled from the lack of sleep and her bra straps are hanging out.

Month 3, Momma is starting to slowly feel like a momma and not like the hospital was CRAZY sending me home with this little human.

Month 4, you are actually starting to act like you like me and that I am not just a dairy cow. Sorry but that is how I felt the first 4 months.

Month 5, your daddy is starting to show more and more in your personality, which is a good thing, because your momma can be a little up tight and organized which might not make you too popular in school if you take after me! 

Month 6, MIA

Month 7, Looking as precious as ever

Month 8, MIA

Month 9, finally starting to get the hang of being vertical.

Month 10, first experience at the fair. Don't worry your momma ate enough for 3 grown adults.

Month 11, actually remembered to put the tie on you and man do you look like a little man here.

Month 12.5, you are officially looking and acting like a toddler. Fits and all. 

Sooooo, I offically remembered to put 3 out of 12 ties on this little guy. Hopefully I will be more successful with my next babe. Love your smile little boy!


  1. Isn't it just amazing how much they change?! I can't wait for little Claire to be able to stand too (I think...). He'll be grateful for the documenting you've done- tie or no tie.

  2. Whether there are ties or not we have plenty of pictures of him going through this first year! You did not fail at all! How many pictures do we have from your Iphone? Like 4000! I love all of the photos we have of him. One day they will be great for embarassing him! ;-)