Thursday, January 19, 2012

He's Got My Back

Every since I was 5 I wanted to be a momma. My mom would always ask how many kids I wanted to which I responded 60. Now that I have 1 that number might be a little high. Raising babies is hard. Needless to say being a stay at home momma has always been a huge desire of my heart.
I think there is a huge misconception with stay at home momma's as well. It always seems like people assume that becuase you stay at home there must be ample amounts of money falling from trees in your backyard. This in no way discounts the hard work my man puts in and sacrifices on a daily basis to make sure this dream of mine is possible.

sharing a popsicle with Daddy

We are hardcore budgetors (is that a word)? When we found out I was pregnant we immediately started living off of his salary and shoveling ALL of mine into savings and did a quick version of "Financial Peace".

God had a lot in plan for our little family after Crewe was born. We went from Abilene to Fort Worth and finally to Lubbock. Fort Worth to Lubbock was somewhat unexpected and we were lucky to have a place to land. We literally packed our place and moved in 1 week. My Dad and Cindy humbly took us in and we have been living with them for about 5 months. Yes all the pics of the beautiful house is not ours.

Stick with me on this and I will tie it all together with a pretty bow on top. John and I have always been avid tithers. Finances is the only place in the bible that God tells us to test him on. We both have been struggling with this lately, in the fact that we always tithe and we have had some tough financial breaks in 2011.

We are closing on our house March 1st and I have had some serious cold feet. What if this.... what if that.... and I have to remind myself to not live in fear. God has always made sure our needs have been met and I can only imagine he will continue. This post would probably keep anyone from tithing, but I encourage you to start. God has done some AH-MAZING things in our life from tithing. Little things happen hear and there. A random checker at Wal-Mart gives us a $15 discount, the Dr.'s office waives our co-pay. Little things hear and there that reminds me, Gods got my back.

John called me a few days ago because our feet were to the fire about making a decision on the home. We had 1 day left in the option period and I wanted out. He told he had been praying the night before and point blank was frustrated with God that we tithe and things just don't add up sometime, when God gently reminded him of a chapter in "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. The short of it, Francis talks about never wanting to be so comfortable financially that he does not have to be somewhat dependent on God for how his family is going to make it.

This really spoke to my heart! I don't ever want to be so comfortable that I don't pray multiple times a day for God to work in this or that situation. If he keeps us close through finances right not then I am okay with that.

God has always prevailed in letting me stay at home with this jelly faced baby.

Thanks honey for reminding me that God has a plan for our little family even when I can't always see it.

Love that jelly faced smile

Stay tuned for a "How we make it all work" post.


  1. Great post!! It's amazing how when you have faith {even in the smallest way}, how things just somehow work out. I didn't know you were about to close on a house; how exciting!! :)

  2. At first I thought you were going to say your hubby has your back.. I thought "that's sweet". Then I thought you were going to say your baby did. I thought, "that's sweet too". Then you said God did. I thought, "Amen. That's awesome."

    You make a good point about people's perceptions of SAHM families- like we're laying on gold nuggets or something. When of course we're just making sacrifices, like the gym or the old Starbucks runs, new jeans or meals out.

    But one thing is sure God is faithful and he meets people in their needs. Maybe not the way we think He will- but when we cry out, he is there, an ever sure comfort. Some day you can look back and see how He has been weaving your life into the bigger picture of His story and His glory.

    For encouragement, remember that even David- who was a man after God's own heart- felt completely abandoned at times when he was doing right! and he felt okay about telling God, "Where are you in this?!" But in the end, he knew that God is faithful and he will not let you go.

    "The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD have never forsaken those who seek you." Psalm 9: 9-10.

    Got to love David!

  3. That was AWESOME! Not much more I can say about it! I love reading about your faith, your heart, and though you may not see it this way, your strength! I am so glad you are home with our son watching over him! I would not change that for anything! He would not be the amazing little man he is today without your everyday influence! I know God will walk us through this time and any trial we face! I love you so much!

  4. i hope that the house situation works out guys. I just hate that y'all have to be in a wavering place, but its just so neat that y'all are choosing to look to Him for your peace and His answers. I hope we do the same over here. Thanks for the encouragement!