Friday, January 13, 2012

What was that Honey??

It is mind boggling to me some days on how down right comedic our lives can be. None of this happened until I became a momma, but trying to get everyday task done with a 1 year old can get quite hilarious. Just yesterday we were in Market Street; I was just running in to grab a pound of chicken. In a matter of 10 minutes the munchkin managed to spit up 3 times; yes I am convinced I will be sending him to Kindergarden spitting up. Amidst the frustration sometimes all I can do is laugh that I am wiping spit up off of the side of an isle, the floor, as well as my purse. Which leads to this.....

Like I said in the last post, Pinterest has change my life in the kitchen, so much so that I have surpassed Betty Crocker to become Better Crocker : ). If that doesn't make sense read my last post.

 I was in the middle of cooking dinner when I looked over to see little man doing this.

He loves this particular box of dog treats so much that I have turned around before and he has had one sticking out of his mouth. Where is the camera when you need it?!?!

I redirected him and turned around 2 minutes later to find him unloading every plastic baggy in 3 boxes. At that point I had to give up because 1) It was keeping him entertained and 2) it allowed me enough time to wash the raw chicken off my hands. 

He migrated over to the drawer, at which point momma cracked open a Corona and watched as he played enthralled at the strainers and pans. I LOVE that he is at the age that everything is new and amazing to him, so fun to watch and maks those, ahem... frustrating moments so much more bearable!

He was quickly redirected when he decided the cabinets with all the bakeware was where he needed to play and from there it all went down hill. A fit or two was being thrown when Daddy walked through the door and this is where I sit and ponder.

 Daddy came in scooped up Crewe and started talking to him, like he does everyday. He continues to talk and I here him say to Crewe, "Daddy doesn't like to walk in and find you giving Momma a hard time. You need to be nice to Momma. Trust me, I know!" I stopped stirring for a moment, turned around to find them walking towards the hallway and caught myself before saying, "What is that supposed to mean". It was significant moment in my life that I decided to pick my battle and this is not one I was willing to fight. I write this and still wonder what he meant by that. : )

Hope everyone had a great week!


  1. I dont remember saying "Trust Me, I know!" I think i said something like i know its rough. Im not that stupid! But at least I took him away to play right!

  2. ha ha ha Judah does the same thing!!! Well besides the dog biscuits but from what my mom told me I used to eat the doggie treats ;-)