Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Look Who's Walking

My little man has definitely taken his time meeting milestones, but I have always been okay with that because he still seems more like a baby that way. He didn't crawl on his hands and knees until he was 11 months. I thought walking was much farther off then it is. He is finally getting the hang of moving forward.

It is somewhat bittersweet for me to see him conquering these milestones; however, moving forward is such a positive perspective on life and babies embrace this the most. They are never scared of change and always excited for the next thing life has to offer.

I am definitely proud of this baby big boy, but still will not refer to him as a toddler ; )

Note to self. Next time video with a real video camera and not a picture camera. Mental note saved!

Sorry for the blurriness :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. So freakin awesome! And cute too! I love you both so MUCH!!

  2. Wow look at him go! My son Judah recently started walking/running and he is ALL over the place! He is 13 months though ;-)

  3. What a perfect song! I love the video! My little one is walking all over the place too!

  4. That is so cute! Just fyi- I was bummed that all of my videos were blurry too- but apparently blogger has a limit on capabilities for video uploading. So if you watch the video on your computer or tv it's probably still good (hopefully!).