Monday, December 26, 2011

Nested Egg!

I will get to the title in a bit. My honey and I are currently sitting on seperate couches throwing a toilet paper roll back and forth to wipe our runny noses, watching a Christmas movie, refusing to accept the fact that Christmas is over and we have to wait another 10 months for the season to start again because I put up our decorations the day after halloween ; ) ( was that a horrible run-on?) I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and everyone remembered the reason for the season and had full hearts and homes. We were so blessed to celebrating with a bunch of 18 (13 adults and 5 kids). Lots of stocking and of course 24 hours of "A Christmas Story"!

Can I get a bit more serious and let you know I struggle with trusting God? Got serious fast, huh? It has been struggle of mine for years. I don't struggle with knowing Jesus is our Savior; however, I have had my moments of "what if none of this is true". My honey always brings me back to reality when I doubt. I stuggle most with fearing that if I trust God with every fiber in me, something bad will happen to me. I have been really praying hard about this, because I know the only way to unconditional happiness is total surrender to God. My biggest fear is something happening to Crewe.

ALLLLLL this to say a really neat thing happened through all of my prayers. I have decided that God wants us to pray about the big events and happenings in our lives as well as the little and I REALLY wanted to have a white Christmas so I starting praying for snow and low and behold this is what I woke up to Christmas morning. This is Lubbock Texas, by the way, so we are not known for having a white Christmas!

It was such a gentle reminder to me that God hears ALL of our prayers and I know if he listened to a prayer as small and insignificant as a white Christmas, he is listening to my pleading prayers for trust. In his time not mine, is another hard one for me.

On to the title and something a little more light. I found, yet another, recipe on pinterest that is fantastic and easy if you are feeding a large bunch. The recipe name is Bacon, egg, and toast cups, but we felt it needed something more, so the honey and grandma starting throwing out names. The worst was Poached pigs feet and the best was Nested Egg. How cute is that?

I forgot to take a "final product" picture. Luckily there was one left over. I sprinkled a little cheese on top and think this one is a keeper. I think I ate 3! You can find the recipe here.

Finally it was time to open up presents. I think it is sooo hard to buy gifts for your spouse when you share a checking account. I mean how are you supposed to make a large purchase and them not notice. Luckily I have a small job on the side that pays cash and my honey has been wanting a Citizen watch for a while now and NEVER ask for anything, so I decided is was time for a surprise and starting hiding (saving) my cash so he would have no clue. There was so much anticipation for giving him the gift and then I forgot to get a single picture. Bummer!!! Here some others of our Christmas.

Crewe practiced his walking.

An abundance of presents were opened by all.

Christmas lunch was a hit by Crewe's standards. (He reallly slept through lunch and ate after everyone else). Who wakes a napping baby? Not me!

Drinks were enjoyed, juice for the kids and peach bellini's for the adults.

The boys played and adult version of nerf wars.

And to all a goodnight!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. I needed this today, you expresses your faith with words I struggle to find

  2. I love your blog! Love keeping up with your precious family!

  3. I love this post. I struggle with it too. Its just this weird feeling that if you trust completely God is going to take that as a sign to just let all the bad things I was afraid would happen to me, happen. Instead its really probably the opposite and the more I trust, the more of Him I get and then everything is more peaceful. I don't know. It can be so hard! I am so glad He spoke to you through the snow! How sweet is that?? My mom loves that stuff. She is always telling me how God used something to talk to her. And I recently am doing BSF (I am so sorry this is insanely long and crazy! and personal! I am so sorry!) and I read about Caleb and Jonathon and how they trusted and when everyone else didn't, God was so sad that He just sucked them all up into the earth. It made me realize how often I am the one that He would suck up into the earth if I lived back then! I don't trust Him all the time with the big stuff and am not brave because of that. It has really changed me and I hope that I am more trusting now and open...I don't know that I really am, but I hope I am changing. Love your cute blog and cute family! y'all are adorable!! I am sorry this was crazy serious!!