Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby items I L-O-V-E

So, I was emailing a friend a list of baby items I L-O-V-E. She is due in about a month and doesn't know the sex. I am sooo excited. There are a few others that I know are on the verge of parenthood. Such and exciting time. These are the big things that got me through the early days.
Okay here is what I would reccomend for the early days.

A Boppy pillow for nursing. I didn't use it a ton if both my hands were free, but on the nights that he wanted to nurse non stop I could prop him on that to nurse and have both of my hands free to eat.

I would definietly splurge on a nice glider and if I could do it all over again and yall have the room I would get a recliner. Some nights they only want to sleep on you and to have a chair that you are comfortable sleeping in makes all the difference in the world.
Aden and anais burp/ bip clothes are the bomb and they grow with them. When they are itty bitty and spitting up all the time these give great coverage for your cloths and when they get bigger they snap around their neck to become a bib. AWESOME!!
You can find those here:

The Angel care monitor helped me sleep more deeply at night becuase I knew an alarm would go off it did not detect breathing on him. It was a heaven send to ease my fears on SIDS. They have one now that is a movement detector and video in one. Mine is just the movement detector but we are about to
purchase a video monitor since Crewe is getting to the "crawl out of his crib stage". Might as well save some money and do the all in 1.
You can find that here:
Babies r us sells these in stores
I would also splurge on a good carrier to free your hands up during the day. I purchased the Britax, but I see a ton of people with the baby Bjorn so it MUST be a good one too. I still use it with Crewe some, when all 21 lbs. of him wants to be held all day and I need to put up laundry or something. It is also good, I think, so he gets a view of everything I am doing.
Simple, simple clothes for when they are itty bitty. There are so many things I bought that never got worn because they were to complicated on such a little body. In my book the more simple the better. They spit up and poop like it is going out of style :)! Just a tid bit more on getting out the poo stains that come from blowouts on nursed babes. If you put the clothes out in the sun for a few hours after you wash them the stain literally fades away.
I am sure if you ask 100 different people you will get 100 different answers on what diaper to use, but I love huggies and will not waiver! They have what John and I so fondly refer to as a "poop catcher flap"! Their poo is super runny if you exclusively nursed. It is a piece of elastic at the back of the diaper that saved us from many a blowouts. We still had a few but nothing compared to what we had with pampers or the off brands.
Wiper warmer- self explanatory.
Play mat- I started using this with Crewe about 4 to 6 weeks and it just helps with developement.

A breastpump is a definite splurge on this one too. It was very important to me to be able to stock up a little milk in the fridge in case you want to have a glass of wine ; ) or let your honey have a chance to feed and bond. Sometimes I just needed a break from feeling like a dairy cow.
The moby wrap is nice but not necessarily necessary (like the combo of words?), if you have a carrier. It is just a little more comfy for the babe because of the cotton material and no buckles or straps.
Lastly, this is someting you wont need for 5 to 6 months but John and I love it!!! The chicco space saver high chair. It is soooo convienent and easy to travel with if you will be going to someones house that doesn't have a highchair.
You can find that here:

Welp, that wraps up my list, but I will leave you with 2 things.

1) Can I tell you there is nothing sweeter than sweet baby breath on your chest when you are rocking them to sleep!?! If you haven't tried it you should!

2)A ton of people will give you a ton of advice on your baby and what to do. Just remember this is advice on what worked for their baby and your babe is different. If you ever question yourself (and I did a ton), remember that you are the best momma for your little babe and know him/her better than anyone else. Although sometimes they might look at you like you are crazy. Crewe have given me several of these since he has been born.

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  1. He looks at me like I am nuts all the time!!! You forgot to mention Baby Einstein! Those are very necessary! ;-)