Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little Man is 1!

I cannot believe I am the momma to a 1 year old. What a learning experience this past year has been. Time has never stood still and flown by at the same time the so fast since you came into my life. Your daddy and I could not be more in love with you. You have taught me soooo much in this past year. You and your Daddy have shown me what true happiness is, even on the nights when you (still) wake up 3 times, because your momma officially failed the cry it out method. It was just not for us and broke my heart to hear you cry when I knew I could do something about it. That being said I have learned so much patience from you :)! You are so precious to me! Your Daddy finally got it through my head to quit listening to everybody else's advice and just go with what felt right to me. You are changing so quickly it seems. You seem to learn something new overnight. Right now you are can clap, roll it up (roll your fist in a circle), and throw your arms up when we say touchdown. You also do a mad squinchy face and blow through your nose when somebody blows on you. We started teaching you that so that you would know how to blow out your birthday candle. It seems like in the past 2 weeks you understand what we are saying to you. You understand: let go, open/ shut, no, and give kisses. You are a little man of few words, but when you get to talking you definitely get everybody's attention.

You opened you first birthday card

Had your first mini cupcake and surprisingly wanted nothing to do with it.

I often forget that you are only one and don't appreciate all the things about the Christmas season quite yet, but with some stuff you humor your momma. Last night was not one of those nights. We went to the Carol of Lights at Tech. It was supposed to be cold, but this unexperienced momma thought a shirt, jacket and blanket would be plenty. In fact it crossed my mind that you would be sweating. This is how the night played out.  

Not thrilled about the cold, but still smiling (kinda)

 Starting to get a little chilly and we are wondering if this was ever going to start.

Screaming starts shortly after the above picture that prompts me to offer you some food, which I then squeeze too much in your mouth because it is pitch black. You procede to throw up EVERYWHERE. You threw up right next to this bag and a mortified onlookers leg. I still wanted to stick it out when Daddy shoots me a "You are crazy, we are leaving" look. We are then stuck trying to figure out what to do with the pile of puke. Of course any logical person would put the luminary back on top of it right???

We spent the next 20 minutes trying to warm your icicle nose, ears, and cheeks up in the closest warm building and you were back to your normal self. 

We ended the night at Starbucks with coffee, coffee cake, a banana, and you were a happy camper.

We had an awesome birthday with you and I cannot imagine spending my days any other way. You have an infectious personality and like to entertain, just like your Daddy. We love you so much!

Happy Birthday little love!


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Crewe!!! Truitt LOVES pushing his stoller around. I wish you lived closer so we could get our boys together!

  2. Alexis! Thanks for your sweet comment. I love finding someone else who is in the same boat! Being a stay at home mom is great! (and frustrating!). But man, when they are precious they are something else aren't they? One of my friend's boy just turned one on Dec. 10 and she had the EXACT same experience at Carol of lights (minus the vomit). They left early and he was a little popcicle. :) Sadly it brings me MUCH COMFORT to know someone else is struggling through the sleep thing.. If I read one more book with one more different way it HAS TO BE DONE.. I may tear out my hair... with tweezers. It's driving me crazy! Just wanted to say hi back! You can bet I'll be following your day to day adventures. And you're right, the day to day IS interesting to other people!