Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Much

Maybe I decided on a horrible time of year to start a blog. Well, horrible and perfect. I am so glad that this time of year will be captured with little man, but it has been a bit of a challenge to post regularly. I have only been blogging for maybe a month and it kind of stresses me out having something interesting to post about because I realize our day to day happenings might not alwasy be soooo interesting to others, but then I remind myself that this is for our keepsake to look back on years later, so day to day happenings are just perfect. That being said, here is what we have been up to.

Crewe has started interacting and playing with us rather than just watching us and it is opening my eyes to how truly fun having a little buddy is. He is one happy little guy and love to play with his daddy.

Crewe is constantly stretching me and reminding me not to take life to seriously. I was frustated for some unknown reason all day today and in the middle of feeding him he decides he needs to start spitting out all of his food in the midst of it being way past his bedtime. I was feeling those feelings of frustration that I hate having towards him, but I will admit, I was getting annoyed and then he has to go and hit me with one of these.

Followed later in by this

I look at him and realize how uneffected he is by the world. No concept of time, to do list, what needs to be done tomorrow, and the next day and the next.... (all things which can frustrate my day). He just lives for the moment and is so full of life, energy and wonder. I am convinced we let ourselves get stripped of these joys on a daily basis unless we keep it in check and really realize how precious life is. I want to start choosing to be unaffected by all these things.

Okay on to something more light! Snowy weather always seems to make everyone breath a sigh of relief or at least it does me. It snowed here last week and I had big plans to bundle up play all afternoon in it. This time it did cross my mind that I have a 1 yr old who would not think the freezing temps were so fun so we stayed inside next to the fire. Baby snuggles in fleece jammies are the best!

Of course we had to pay our respects to the snowman

Crewe has a new love for crawling around with anything in his hands that will make noise on the tile floor. This week the chosen items are puzzle pieces. He cracks me up and loves to put lids on anything. His language is changing everyday and he sound like he has created his own chinese language at the moment. We are still working hard on Momma.

We also enjoyed a little mexican food and lemons.

Stay tuned for a birthday party post!

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