Sunday, December 25, 2011

All Aboard

We went to the north pole last night. It was amazing and really put us more in the Christmas spirit (if that is even possible for me). If you are ever in Lubbock if is definitely worth the money. I will let the pictures do the talking. It is the most amazing thing to experience stuff like this through your childs' eyes. Crewe loved the music and danced the entire time.

Crewe's popper (grandpa) insist that we arrive everywhere and hour early so here we are warming up waiting to get on the train.

Poppers with his grandboys.

Getting some lovin from daddy.

Crewe definitely does not have issues with strangers, but wasn't too sure what to think about the conductor. He had to give him the stare down before we boarded. 

 Once we boarded it was all smiles. I felt like I was 5 years old again. I am sure the aunt and uncle sitting across from us (childless) thought "If this is what children do to you we are NEVER having them!" Don't worry Cole and Joni it is worth it :)!

Cousin Wyatt pondering his next mischevious act.

Getting ready to leave the station.

The conductor puncing Crewe's golden ticket.

Sharing hot chocolate with Daddy.

At the North Pole waiting for Santa and the elves to board.

Playing and dancing with Aunt Joni.

Making sure this elf was legit.

And finally SANTAAAAA (incerpt Will Ferrel in Elf yelling Santa at the top of his lungs).

We ended our train ride dancing in the aisle to Jingle Bells and throwing people the "Whatz up" sign.

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