Thursday, December 1, 2011


This should be the new motto of my life, which I should add is not a bad thing. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving; kind of low key. I really debated going out to do some Black Friday shopping, but decided since I have a baby who is waking up at night, my sleep was MUCH more important. I did hear that some lady maced someone just to get and XBOX 360 at Wal-Mart. REALLY?????

Crewe spent the day feeding his food deprived, college aged Aunt B
Did a little Christmas tree decorating
Played in the shower with a poopy diaper we did not find out about until the diaper was soaked.

Took major advantage of having his Daddy home for 5 days

Momma is teaching this boy how to play dominos early. He is learning how to dominate the table by banging the domino container on the floor as hard as he can.

Have I shared yet how I measure my alcohol??? No? Well let me show you!

Is something wrong with that? I sometimes think so but need a somewhat consistent way to measure the alcohol since I am still nursing and this have become my tride and true way. I have to remind myself that this is not appropriate to do in public.

This boy will be 1 in 2 days. I can hardly believe it!!!

One last note just becuase I don't want to forget anything about this time in my life. The emotions of parenting are so conflicting at times. I have days where all I can do is laugh/cry when the hubby comes home and I am still in my pajamas, Crewe was only changed out of his maybe 10 minutes before, a shower has most definitely not been taken and gum has been my toothbrush (gross I know); that will immediatly be followed by a day that goes smoother that imaginable with a one year old. I am slowly learning that all of it is precious time and one that will be looked back fondly on. Just the other night I was in the bath, searching Pinterest and enjoying my time when I realized I did not have a washcloth. Who wants to get out of a hot steamy bath and drip all over the floor to get a washcloth? Not me! Luckily I turned around and was pleased to find a washcloth sitting behind me, so of course I used it, only to remember that it was the washcloth I had spent the better part of the morning wiping Crewe's nose with. Those are the times all I can do is shrug my shoulders and laugh.

Love being a his Momma.

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