Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Surprise Birthday

I have to preface this post with my camera situation. You see we are closing on our house on Thursday and have been heavily saving so our down payment will not be such a hit to our savings account. My sweet sister gave me her old camera when she upgraded. It it is a Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS.

See that nice piece of silver down the center? Yes that is what you think it is! Duct tape. The battery clip is broken. I have called several camera shops and they all have the same answer, "It would cost more just to have it sent off and they can't even promise is would be fixed." The duct tape doesn't really bother me unless I hask somebody else to take a picture. Then I start sweating and giving explanations for my ghetto camera.

Other things are starting to happen as well. It has developed a mind of its own and will randomly switch to video, or take me to the favorites folder, etc.... It is time for a new one, but strictly saving and buying the camera I want (Canon T3i-swoon) don't really go hand in hand. I have tried not to complain much until this weekend.

We had a surprise 60th birthday for my dad. So many worked so hard on the food and decorations. I took around 150 pictures and the camera deleted over half the pictures for some unknown reason. To say I was disappointed is a HUGE understatement. This kicked my "new camera desire" into high gear!

ALL that to say, that is why if the pictures seem to go from the very beginning then skip to the end it is my camera's fault. I lost everything inbetween. The pics I have are still memorable.

Without further adieu

I wanted a BIG decoration, so this is what I came up with.  I purchased rolls of plastic table cloths from Party City. It was much easier to work with and came with 100 ft for $16.99. Pretty economical. I bought 3 but we probably only needed 2.

Of  course we had to take many breaks to play with the balloons.

I also got to flex my Pinterest muscle this weekend. Everything on the menu list came from it and we did not have much in the way of leftovers. All of the pictures below can be found on my "Must Make Recipes" board.

We only had 6 hours from the moment they walked out the door until their return.. I was sooo thankful my sister and her in-laws came to my rescue. Sweating through my clothes seriously decreased after they arrived.  The men even had to help cook and I was more than impressed. We were all like a fine oiled machine.

 Dad walking in

We ended the night contemplating Yo Gabba Gabba, with balloons tied to our pants

I seriously could have layed on the floor and thrown a 2 yr old fit when I realized all the pictures were gone. I didn't, but it crossed my mind more than once


You are an incredible man, father, and Poppers. I love getting to watch you with Crewe and am so grateful for this season in my families life. We will never forget it and I will make sure Crewe does not either. I love how you always try to see the good in everyone and if every situation.

Thank you for all you do for everyone else. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.


  1. Even though all the pictures didn't turn out, I can tell that is was a great party! I love the table cloths on the ceilings and all the food looks amazing!

  2. That house is beautiful... you wouldn't even need decorations to make it look nice.

    And your food spread looks delicious. I'm glad you were able to pull it off.

    Happy Closing Day tomorrow!! :)

  3. Looks like you threw a great party for your dad! Love the decorations on the ceiling and the food looked yummy!

  4. That party looks amazing!! I Love all the decor and am just so sad that the pics are gone too :( but what you got is so good! and I want to eat everything you made! it looks amazing!!