Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Faves and a low key Valentine's

So, everytime I would sit down to finish up this post I would somehow get sidetracked, imagin that! Now have have 57 minutes to get this post finished for it to be legit.

Everytime I think to do a post like this, The Sound of Music song "These are few of my favorite things" (not even positive that is the title of it) comes into my head and I spend the entire day humming it and maybe singing it really loud to Crewe, who then looks at me like I am crazy.Its the little things to not make the day mundane that go ALONG way.

Back on topic. I have some products that I religiously use and I am one of those people that will stand in the isle at Wal-mart for much longer than my husband appreciates, going back and forth as to whether I should try something new. I usually end up asking anybody who is on that isle if they have tried or liked it. I hate wasting my money on a product that I use once, hate, and it ends up sitting in my makeup bin for decades, because that is how often I clean it out.

I thought I would share some products from my bathroom that I will never stop using becuase they are that good.

Friday Fav numero uno:

I have never believed in a whitening toothpaste like I do this one. I have used it for about 5 months now and I enjoy the teeth staining vices like coffee and wine. While my teeth don't look like that have been professionally whitened they are a shade I am happy with.

Numero Dos:

There was a lot of hype going around about this mascara, so I had to try it. The current mascara I was wearing was from Clinique and over $15 a tube. With us being so budget concious I new I would had to find a cheaper route. This stuff does not disappoint, is very affordable, and lives up to the hype. It even makes my lashes look good and they grow in every direction.

Numero Tres:

Love putting this gem in my bath every night. It keeps mine and Crewe's skin super soft especially during the winter months. We use the baby oil along with grease. The off brand is just as good as the name brand and you get significantly more.

Numero quatro:

If you are an allergy sufferer like our family this product is amazing and has kept so many sinus infections at bay. I used it every night for several years and then found out it is better to use it every few days because some of the bacteria in your nose it good and need not be washed out daily.

Numero cinco:

I could not get a good picture of these, but they are the Neutrogena make-up remover wipes. When you are a tired momma and your two choices are wash your face or go to bed, these allow you to do both. They are also awesome at removing mascara. I would know this because I will reapply mascara after I was my face because I hate how I look without it. Us blondes get the short end of the stick with having eyelashes without make-up.

Lastly, I wanted to throw this one in for any women out there who has a mann that loves his hair to be rock hard, but don't want to spend the $15 that we used to on John's hair gel. This stuff is great and smells amazing. It will definitely give you the rock hard look.

We had a pretty low key Valentine's, but it ended up being a fun night. Who doesn't like breakfast for dinner??? I think I could eat pancakes swimming in syrup for 3 meals a day. Did I mention I have to slather on the butter as well?

We had my starving, college student sister over for dinner and made a night of it, finished off with, none other, than strawberry shortcake.

 Crewe, too, has a deep love for syrup

 He was sure hoping he was going to get a bit of the strawberry shortcake.

In our house, when it comes to dessert, you go big or go home!

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend.


  1. Awww, your family is precious! I'm now a new became my follower recently so I hopped over here to check out your blog and follow you! Can't wait to read more! :-)


  2. I absolutely LOVED our valentine's day this year! Not cause of the no gifts thing but because it was "Us". I know last year we had our first with Crewe but this year feels so different because he is such a different little boy! I can't believe that everything started 5 years ago on the 14th for us! I can still remember texting you and the dinner and so much about that night! I wouldn't change a thing about anything we have gone through! Like Crewe and I said in our video,We love you so much! I may be the "head" of the family but you are definitely the Heart of it! I love your blog and know all of your hard work will pay off for you!