Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was slow and steady. We had a semi sick baby and I say semi because he partly acted like himself, but then was overly clingy and warm most of the day. His sleep was awful Friday night but luckily I have a wonderful husband to help out when momma had one too many glasses of wine ; ).

Of course little man is never too sick to lay one on the ladies.


We tried out lots of pinterest recipes and I for one always remember to take pictures half way through my cooking, but this recipe was super easy, pretty healthy, and really yummy.

Crispy southwest chiken wraps:

You can find the full recipe here. I am telling you it is sooooo easy. I did substitute whole wheat tortillas as well as a rotisserie chicken. It made everything go much quicker.

My sweet sister got all Betty Crocker in the kitchen and made oreo balls Friday night and Red Velvet balls Saturday, not only were they yummy, but I didn't feel quite as guilty. I mean that is like one fourth of a slice. Totally quiltless.

I mean all kinds of yummy happenging up in here!

Speaking of the sis. She is going through some rocky times with her friends right now and I was totally the girl in high school that never really felt like I quite fit it, no matter how much I wanted to. Like I was trying to force friendships. Don't get me wrong I had a few close friends, but more felt like the girl that wanted to be part of certain groups, but never really felt like I had what it took to be one of "those" girls. It is funny the things that stick with you over a decade later, but I will never forget the feeling of wanting something so bad that just wasn't there.

My sis is and probably always will be way cooler and more stylish than me, but it kind of hurts when she calls and talks about friends that "forgot" to text her to go to church, when they said they would and then post on facebook about the service. It stings because I remember that feeling of "did you really forget" and then I would over analyze it for days. Anyway, just wanted to shout out to my sis that  I love you!

The rest of the weekend we mostly played around

Caught up with some friends

 Walked for a bit outside

Did some nom, nom-in

And Momma got a ton of cuddles!

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. It was a nice weekend, even with the 4:00 AM bed time! I was saying earlier in the week how i wanted to take a nap with Crewe so I could cuddle with him. Little did I know God intended for me to spend the night with him! Totally worth it though when he curls up in your lap and lays his head down. Just hate it that he has to feel bad to want to stay in our laps! But given how hard it is to get his momma to sit still it makes total sense! ;-)

  2. Please tell Miss Shelbi that I remember going through those days as well. Part of the nice part of being an adult is that you don't care about all that anymore but I am already watching it in my own daughter. I love Shelbi and hate to ever hear her feeling left out. All Lana's girls are amazing and strong and better than that. precious pics as always - lordy I need to update my blog! Easier just to read others