Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bacehlor Ben and Bellini's

I have NEVER been a trashy  classy reality television watcher UNTIL we moved in with my Dad and Cindy, unless you count Teen Mom 2 as trashy, my deep secret is out, I will record that show just to make sure I don't miss it. The jury is still out as to why I watch it every. single. week. I go back and forth between it making me feel spectacular about myself to it just being good entertainment.

Anyway the point I am making is I am hooked on Bachelor Ben. This is my first experience with The Bachelor and I am convinced I could love any reality t.v. show if I just watch 1 episode. Sad I know!

It is even more of a problem now because we are planning to not get cable when we move into our house; to try and save money. I am afraid I will now have withdrawls from all the shows Cindy I have gotten myself hooked on!

The Texas Tech Club here is Lubbock has Bachelor Ben and Bellini's every Monday night and we just had to go see what it was all about. I was convinced this was the "it" event and it was going to be packed. I mean I thought we were the only one's not there the past 6 weeks. Well..... I was wrong. We were pretty much the only ones there.

The view, however; was spectacular!

 And I downed 2 of these and could have easily downed another five one. Sorry, I heart the mark out line!

The atmosphere was fun even though we were the only ones. I am convinced the bartender was cursing us as we walkud out.

These lovly ladies were my company! We really did have a good time, but apparently there is other venues of awesomeness happening on Monday night. Who woulda thought?!?!


  1. Too funny. We got hooked on this season of the Bachelor, too. I have never watched a season {and I don't even find Ben attractive}, but I cant-stop-watching.

    Your girls night out looked like a good time. You have the prettiest hair, ever!

  2. I promise you will not miss cable once you get rid of it. We haven't had tv for 5 years and love it. Anything we want to watch is usually on Hulu and we still rarely keep up with a show. We do watch house regularly. You will find you feel like you have more time and are more productive. We read more books too

  3. I can't believe it wasn't packed! I love the idea and if I still lived there I would go every Monday with you! I have never missed a season of the bachelor, I am a huge fan! It's sad how excited I get for Mondays because I know I get to watch the bachelor!

  4. $189 for hair is CHEAP! I pay nearly $250 everytime I go (which is once every 10 weeks!)