Friday, February 24, 2012

20 Rules for Mother's of Sons

I came across a sweet blog of a momma's rules for Mother's of daughters and just HAD to do one for Mother's of sons. I think many of my "rules" could be for mother's in general, but there are definitely some that are just for "snips, snails, and puppy dog tails".

This WILL be printed on pretty paper and framed so I never forget to do ALL these things regularly.

1. Get dirty with him. After all isn't that what childhood is all about? Getting dirty, being hosed down outside, grass sticking to your wet feet, hearing the ice cream truck coming down the road and running to mom and/or dad to ask for money, picking out your own clothes. It might help momma's get back in touch with their  more childish sides in the process. 

2. Always be his biggest fan-  win or lose, at his sporting events, choir/band performances, chess tournaments, or whatever he fancies. I think it sets the perfect stage for him to know you will always be there for him, through the good and the bad.

3. Remind him that winning is not near as important as doing you best.  If he learns that, nothing anyone says to him about his performance will make him question himself.

4. Make  a To Do list and put playing on it- Being that I am a huge list maker, I have made it a point to always have playing with Crewe on my list of things to do. That way everytime I look at my list I am reminded of what is most important.

5. Lick you finger and wipe food off his face- whether in public or at home, 8 or 18. It's a sign of affection.

6. Cook with him and let him help with laundry- it will help him impress the ladies on down the road and value what his wife does for him day in and day out. Cooking and laundry are a valuable lessons whether male or female.

7. Cry with him- teach him emotions are okay. Let him see you cry when you are upset and let him come to you when he is upset.He needs to see life can be hard for you too, but also let him see you become stronger from the situation

8. Always tell him he has what it takes- but immediately follow it up with it's okay to let some things go.

9. Always kiss him and tell him you love him- even when he is 40 and has a wife and kids of his own.

(I seriously cannot believe I am putting this picture on here. Me in all my nursing bra, bib wearing, left over makeup glory!)

10. Love his father well- the relationship he watches between his parents will set the stage for how he views and functions in relationships the rest of his life.
(even though it appears otherwise, I do have clothes on!)

11. Encourage him to be silly and take risks. Some of our greatest accomplishments come from the things we were most scared to ever try.

12. Model patience- with him, with your spouse, with complete strangers. Consistently show him that everyone is deserving of the same treatment.

13. Let him stay up past his bedtime- whether it's watching movie's and eating popcorn until midnight or swimming in a hotel pool until it closes. Some rules are okay to bend.

14. Let go a little- you will always be his first love, so when a serious love comes along, remind yourself of that and let him have some space.

15. Camp out in the backyard together- roast marshmellows, tell stories, and sleep under the stars.

16. Go on a date together- teach him chivalry and that it does still exsist.

17.  Go out for ice cream for dinner- spontenaity is so fun and part of being a kid.

18. Let him always believe that he is a superhero- even if it is just jumping off his bed with a towel tied around his neck as a cape.

19. Start traditions that he can pass on to his family- the traditions that my family had are some of the most prominent memories of my childhood. Sweet, sweet memories. Remind yourself that you are writing your childs book right now for them.

20. Talk to him everyday about Jesus- I pray daily that John and I are the reason that Crewe accepts Jesus as his Savior and that we can fully model what it means to love and follow Jesus.

I hope everyone has a super great weekend!


  1. Love these rules!

  2. Awesome Post! And your Blog looks awesome! All your hard work is definitely paying off! And you are definitely following the rules! t shows every day in our son and how much of a delight he is!I absolutely love seeing our family through your eyes!

  3. Alexis, thank you so much for posting these! They are great rules I hope to follow with Jackson! :-)

  4. Awesome rules and super cute pictures to go along with them. Stopping by via the Share it Friday Hop

  5. WONDERFUL! I've got two boys…and I will always wipe their face with my finger too : )