Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Warning: There is a lot of rambling and ho humming about my bad day yesterday, but there are pictures at the end. Don't say you weren't warned :)

Do you ever have those days where you just feel like a complete failure and that the devil has gotten the best of you? When I have those days they seem to stick with me for several days and I end up crawling in bed feeling liked a whipped dog. That would pretty much sum up my day yesterday.

I would not call myself an unconfrontational individual. Sometimes there are times when confrontation is necessary and even beneficial, but then there are those times that catch you totally off guard and you stand there after, wondering what in the hell world just happened. 

There are so many changes happening in our family right now and luckily none of the problems of yesterday had anything to do with that. Having somebody question your integrity is a very humbling experience, especially when you make a point to be an intentional person. If you want to see me go from "sweet momma" to "blood boiling momma" question my integrity. The conversation ended heated and I will probably never talk to the person again.

I was able to step back from the whole situation and look for the meaning in this madness when it hit me. I realized some pretty important changes and steps that I am taking with my faith right now and to me if you believe that God plays an active role in your life then it is safe to believe that so does Satan.  The crappy parts, but active none the less. He wants us to question our value, who we are, what others think about us, do we really have what it takes, are we loved, desired, accepted and the list goes on.

THAT is exactly what yesterday did to me. I questioned all of those things mentioned above.

Our church sermon last Sunday was about experiencing God and the avenues God uses to communitcate with us, the bible being number 1. That's when it hit me how little time I spend reading my bible and how much time I seem to have for blogging, facebook, pinterest, etc.....

I have fully committed to spending time each day to reading the bible, to the extent that I have an alarm set on my phone and will not let myself do anything internet related until I have had that time. I have a  LARGE small addiction going on with a little thing called Pinterest (to the extent that I do not allow myself to browse until Crewe goes to bed (sad I know)). Can you have a parenthesis inside of parenthesis? Hmmmm....

Of course you will be attacked when trying to grow your faith, but we need not back down from those attacks because it means we are doing something right. The way I see it, if you are being attacked it is because you are doing something good that he is not happy with, which even though it is hard in the moment I truly feel the outcome is worth it, so I will stay committed.

If you stuck with me this far bravo and thanks!

On to some cute pictures. Our week has not been super picture worthy, but the weather has been so beautiful I fully intend to take Crewe to the park.

Crewe tormenting Sophie

This was my little man exactly a year ago today! Where does the time go!?!?

Helping dad work on his truck

And of course his "Blue Steel" ALWAYS brightens my day!

Hope your Wednesday was fantastic!


  1. That is true Alexis.Satan doesn't like the good things, the peaceful moments and the happiness in the family.That is why is so important to read the Bible and keep your faith growing strong.The Devil may not like it.But God will love it!God Bless!!!

  2. I love your blog, read things about Crewe and see his pictures.You and John are a very beautiful couple and you have a sweet and gorgeous baby.Be strong with your faith always!

  3. Keep your eyes on the prize Alexis! You have what it takes to stay committed, and remember Philippians 4:7 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! Bless you

  4. Keep your head up, lady! I had a night like this last night with a close family member. It's so hard to keep your control and not lose it the way you might have done in the past. Sometimes even family trees need to have their branches trimmed.

  5. Reading through Experiencing God really encouraged me that sometimes tough "growing pains" are just that.. GROWING pains. Difficult circumstances in life and faith, just like in relationships, means that we're reaching a decision making time to take it to a deeper level or regress.