Monday, February 13, 2012

A Gathering of Hearts and Moments

Do you ever have times in your life where you just have so much fun you never want to forget the way you feel in the moment, the smell of the moment, and all the details of the moment? Well this weekend was one of those moments for me. Maybe it was the hotel or having a husband and baby to share it with or all of the above. Staying at hotels has made me giddy as long as I can remember!

I seriously think the length of this post could set some world records, but we had such a good time!

We went road trippin on Saturday to a Valentine's Party in Abilene. It was also Crewe's first experience in a hotel and minus the whole night of not sleeping it was a blast. So much love and care was taken in preparing the atmospere, meal, and who can forget the wine. There was cousin time, good food, drinks, wonderful company, babies, and who can forget all the love!

I will let the pictures tell the story, but I want to go back to Saturday so we can do it all over again.

For the trip down there we had great weather and a sleepy baby which made for a good drive.

The elevator was Momma's Crewe's favorite part of the hotel. We had to have the moral support of Scout and Mickey.

Cousins reunite over bed jumping

And of course coloring on the pillow case (oops). Crewe wasn't sure what to think about Cousin Wyatt getting in trouble.

I don't know about ya'll, but my sister and I always appreciate a hotel which offers free happy hour

There is so much I could say about this picture, from J.'s face to the placement of the water. It is definitely a framer.

Wyatt felt it was his responsibility to restock the fountain with change and he took that job VERY seriously.

We wrapped up happy hour and headed to the party. We were greeted by two pretty little ladies and a more than welcoming atmospere.

The company was pretty spectacular.

And is it just me or does having a kid make pictures of you and your honey non-existant??? I was looking through pictures the other night and pre-baby we have TONS of pictures together; post-baby? Maybe 2. All of our pictures are of one of us with Crewe or just Crewe; which don't get me wrong I LOVE all thos pictures, but I also want to Crewe to see how much we love each other too.

 The older we get the more I think we look alike.

And just in case you are curious. Your hair can look just like her's for a mere $189 in the Dallas area! Are you kidding??, but it does look amazing!

The food was scrumption. Like make you drool scrumptious!

This little girl stole my little man's heart. He was smitten and I actually got to eat without setting my fork down 50 times. It was glorious!

We didn't leave until 11:30 and I seriously was so impressed by all the kiddos. They were angels the whole night. Crewe maybe had an hour nap that day and he was soooo good because little man knows how to partay!. Now after we got back to the hotel sleep was questionable, but I couldn't blame him, the lack of schedule was Momma's fault.

I think it was midnight when I took this picture!

Middle of the night

And the drive home???? Well they were predicting a dusting of snow which never means anything AT ALL, so we headed back and what should have taken 2.5 hours ended up taking 5.  Look at this:

And we were pulling this....

Which made momma almost sweat through her shirt. I seriously think I had multiple panic attacks in those 5 hours.

This little man did not cry once.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day from Crewe!


  1. You and your sister are absolutely gorgeous! I would starve my family for two weeks to go see her hair dresser. ;-)

    What a fun party... and yes, hotel happy hour is a must!!

  2. You captured the feelings so well, Alexis. Thank you for documenting the fun evening we all had together. You did a great job with the photos. I loved seeing the whole trip!

    Just makes me feel good to see you all having such a good time, and it definitely inspires me to start thinking about next years party.


  3. Thanks for preserving the moments, the fellowship, the food, and the love! What a precious group of people! Joe and I are looking forward to many more fun times with all of you.