Friday, November 30, 2012

If I am being honest

I have had an immense amount of mommy guilt lately... from the amount of time my kiddo has spent watching Disney Jr. to the fact that we are not having a huge bash for his birthday... or a bash at all for that matter. We are going to celebrate Crewe here at home making a day JUST for him, but not having a party.
It didn't bother me for the longest time because he is only 2, but as the day has crept closer the guilt stings a little more. I know who guilt comes from and it is not from God, so I will recognize that.... Saturday we will turn off all electronic devices and just gladly celebrate our boy.

If I am being honest... our family is gearing up for Daddy to be gone for 2 whole weeks. That might not like seem much to most, but for this momma (who has only spent a max of 3 nights away from her man and maybe 3 nights alone with my kiddo) it is taking preparation for my heart. I don't like being away from him for that long.
Side note: Just in case any psychos view my blog.. I would like to let you know that we are the proud owners of a semi-automatic, 2 shot guns, a rifle as well as a pistol and I am a good shot, so if you come a knocking and I see you at the door.. I will drag you in :-) Doesn't get more honest than that, right?!
Moving on.....
If I am being honest.... I am going to give myself and Crewe a whol-lotta grace the next two weeks and if anybody is in need of a play date we are available. :-)
If I am being honest.... tonight we were sitting on the couch eating pizza and John looked at me asking if I ever ate certain foods that I really couldn't taste until they hit the back of my tongue to which I laughed and said "Honey, only YOU would ever notice that, let alone be disappointed that the other 2 inches of your tongue do not get to taste it". Daddy and his food. Love him and the fact that our sweet boy is just like him. 30 years from now I will sit on the couch, read this and laugh hysterically
If I am being honest... my goal is to have all 15 doors in our house painted black, by the time my honey returns. Pretty much a door a day. I am super excited about this project... so in true Alexis fashion I will neglect everything else in my life and paint doors.
I will leave you with proof that we have a mickey problem in our house.
Mickey on the phone and t.v.
Have a great weekend!


  1. We have a Mickey problem in our house too. Don't worry, I think it's completely normal for boys this age ( and if it's not, we can just be crazy together!)
    Good luck without your hubby! I hate being without him and home by myself. Here's to hoping it goes by fast for you!

    Jessie @ Life with the Larsons

  2. At least Mickey is good! Not annoying, no moral issues... it's ok mama!

  3. Mommy guilt sucks!! But you are right it does NOT come from GOD so we will be okay! I am also glad you mentioned the #2 birthday Landon and I have been thinking about doing the same thing. I was so stressed on his first I am so glad we got pictures cuz I dont remember anything! Your doors look great!! Your house looks amazing! 2 whole wks WOW! Prayers for you and Crewe you will do great! A play date with you awesome would that be??? The hubby is off this next wk so we are going to try to make the best of having him around. Thunder game, zoo, and some shopping for mommy =). Happy Birthday to Crewe! Keep us updated on the doors =)

  4. I love your disclaimer about what will happen should someone come knocking on your door while your husband is away! Atta girl! Mommy guilt is the worst, but don't let it get you down. Ooh black doors, I'm loving the idea!

  5. I love that you put everything on hold for a fun project... and wow the black door really looks so nice!

    We skipped the 2nd birthday too - no party. Have no guilt mama... making it special for them - no matter how - is the most important thing. Hope it was a happy time.

  6. Too cute! Hope he had a great day! It was blues clues for us I feel your Mickey addiction!

  7. I am right here with you on the Mickey problem...C has a serious addiction and he isn't even 1 yet! Of coure mommy and daddy don't help any by buying Mickey toys and clothes...

    Don't feel guilty about the party, B hasn't had a "real" party since his 1st birthday and he is 7. We have celebrated his birthday at home with a cake and presents every year. He has an odd birthday that falls in summertime so we can't send out invites to school/daycare friends and I just don't want to deal with a family party. It's nicer to have a small shindig at home, just the 4 of us.