Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So, I am already late on my weekly "Truths about Crewe" posts, but this happened last year around the holidays so I am not surprised. We are busy enjoying each other, the festivities and the feeling of the season. This is my absolute favorite time of year.
Our Christmas tree has been up since the first week of November. We have a mixture of Christmas and Thanksgiving scents burning in our home and presents slowing filling up the area below the tree.
This year we have chosen to bless 3 foster kiddos in the city we live in versus buying for each other. I really struggle with buying Crewe $200 worth of presents that he will outgrow in 3 months. I would rather buy him a few sweet, simple gifts to open on Christmas morning next to a fire...followed by a solid day of Christmas movies, a yummy breakfast and if we are lucky snow.
So here is our CURRENT
Listenting: I mostly have Christmas music via Pandora going 24 hours a day or Santa Paws is going in the DVD player. Crewe asks to watch that movie 5 times a day and they are coming out with Santa Paws 2 tomorrow. I am so excited to have 2 DVD's to rotate between ;-)
Planning:  On getting ALL of our Christmas shopping done and in the mail before December 1st as well as planning all the yummy treats to make for the holidays.
Wishing: That my dog would not shed at least 6 months out of the year. Momma is tired of sweeping the floor every.single. day.
Thinking About: What all Christmas traditions I want to start with Crewe. I really want him to grasp what the true meaning of Christmas is, but also have the warm fuzzy feelings of reading Christmas books... drinking hot chocolate, advent calendars, a Christmas Eve gift to open...a stocking next to his bed, Christmas breakfast, fires.....
Craving: Spagettio's... like every single night before bed. Might not be too bad of an indulgence if I did not smother it in cheese.
Looking Forward To: Traveling to Abilene to see John's mom (Grandma) and his family. They have a HUGE family get together on Thanksgiving Day... I think we max out at around 50 people, but there are a ton of kids running around on a big plot of land and it is always so fun and perfect.
Working on: Getting all the gifts wrapped and under the tree rather than on our kitchen table and doing some fun projects with Crewe.
He is really enjoying learning and exploring right now... so I am trying to put a few of my 127,325 pinterest pins to use. So far so good. He usually puts a twist to them, but I love watching his brain work.
Reading: Lots of "Go Dog Go" "Silly Goose" "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse""Brown Bear Brown Bear". I have also been working through the "Love Dare". So much insight on how to love your spouse well.
Feeling: Grateful... for the life God has given me and that it is mine to wake up to everyday. I wouldn't chose any other one if I had the chance. I am so grateful my husband is mine, my sweet little boy is mine, my bad days are mine, my encounters with God are mine. I am just so glad it is all mine.
Making me Happy: Having a healthy little one.. that was able to enjoy Santa and his reindeers this weekend. It makes me so happy that I have acorns clanging in my dryer from a certain 2 year olds pockets. That my sweet guy stamps his feet in protest to things because it means he has energy and is... ahem... gaining his independenc.  
So what is your "Currently"?


  1. Pinterest advent calendars, they have some really really cute ones!!!

  2. I wish I didn't have to sweep and vacum daily from our dog as well!

  3. That is such a great idea on the gift buying for foster kids - so sweet, and I agree that kids don't need tonnes of gifts they won't look at again after Christmas. Love the last photo of the reindeer!!!

  4. OH, I LOVE this post! I feel like it's like a little catch up with y'all. :) I love your idea for Christmas gifts this year. You have SUCH a big heart, girl. I'm so proud to call you a friend. I know that in doing that, you will be enstilling the season of giving into little Crewe! Happy, happy thanksgiving! XO!

  5. The driving the car and flying the airplane-- precious.

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