Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good Life

You know when you have the old record that plays in your head over and over again and you are not real sure how you will ever escape it, but deep down you know God has always come through in the past and can't help but think that he will find a way again, because that is what he does... finds ways.
Well let me tell you... a friend randomly sent me a text message of a sermon she had been listening to that she thought I might benefit from, given some circumstances I am going though.
The 4 part sermon has blown my socks off... partly for what the sermon had to say and partly how God still uses us as a vessel to help others. Let me tell you, I don't care where you are in your walk with Christ... these sermons will do nothing but strengthen your walk and bless you.
You can find the sermons Here. Go listen to them, seriously... do it!!!
After listening to those sermons... nights like these have a new sweetness to them.
Christmas tree lite, winter candle (from Bath and Body Works) burning, Christmas tunes on, Crewe and daddy emptying the dishwasher, lasagna in the oven, wine poured (of course) and just us being us and enjoying the evening. I live for nights like this.

After dinner Daddy and Crewe played with trains while momma made a scrumptious not too unhealthy dessert. Super yummy and super easy. 

So to make these you just need Crackers, 2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 bag of semi sweet chocolate.
1) Cover your cookie sheet with foil (VERY IMPORTANT)
2) Melt butter and brown sugar on stove stirring constantly until boiling
3) Once boiling stop stirring and continue to boil for 3 minutes
4) Pour mixture over crackers and put in oven set to 400 for 5 minutes
5) Remove from oven and pour bag of chocolate over... let melt a bit and spread
6) Pop in freezer for 20 minutes and VOILA
You are done and they are D-lish!
I want to give a shout out to Lullaby Lubbock. They are the ladies that I got the cracker dessert from.


  1. Your baby is so cute, but he's not much of a baby anymore. I will check out those sermons. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you at True Aim.

  2. You can't post that butter cracker chocolate recipe when I am trying to lose weight. :) And I saw that Crewe has soome Christmas Oreo's... Yum!! :)

    Happy Friday, friend!!

  3. I love the little (and big) ways God works to show us He is still in control. He knows and understands everything we are going through. Your faith inspires me.

    Are those regular saltine crackers?

  4. How is Crewe doing post-Oreo? :) He's so stinking cute! Glad you had a relaxing evening!

  5. OMG those look great. He is so cute - I love the cookie face:) I love relaxing evenings, hoping to have one soon. Happy Friday.

  6. 1. Now I am hungry.
    2. I am going now, love me dome Stephen Furtick and this might just be what i needed for my soul today... Only God... :-) Love those moments!

  7.! The crackers look heavenly. The sermon sounds amazing (starring it for later!). And your hair is AWESOME!

  8. PS The chalkboard wall in our house is on the stairway wall, right inside our front door. We LOVE it! :)