Friday, November 23, 2012

Have I told you lately...

That I LOVE this time of year. Not even a sweet boys fever and stomach bug can dampen my Christmas cheer. He did break his momma's heart a bit though. 
I am the momma that puts the Christmas tree up the first weekend in November; although I have an equal appreciation for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving deserves its own special spotlight.
Crewe and I started off our Thanksgiving with him falling asleep in the car right as we were arriving, so momma sat in the car with him for an hour, reading a 1990 Victorian magazine, because there was nothing else to do.
There is something about having a baby that just makes you appreciate holidays, life, health, everyday events a little more. Even if it is sitting in the car for an hour waiting for him to wake up. I mean who wouldn't want to stare at that face.
Little  man was a trooper through it all. He played, took pictures with cousins, conked out for a 2 hour nap, snuggled up close a lot (which I NEVER mind) and decided that Grandma might even be a close 2nd to mommy (which Grandma NEVER minds).

I wanted a family picture and this is all I got. I'll take it.


There is something about being in the middle of nowhere that just calms the spirit and makes you feel closer to God. Having family gathered close around drinking coffee and eating pie. The men watching football and shooting rifles out in the fields. Babies exploring their environment and being hugged and kissed on by everyone. Those are are all the things I am thankful for. 

Crewe spent the remainder fo the holiday test driving some future professions he might be interested in. Night 1 consisted of a tow truck driver that bakes on the side and Night 2 was just a fire fighter.

We headed home today, Crewe and I took a 2 hour nap on the floor, followed by breakfast for dinner, a fire and Elf.
Like I said, sweet boy was a little under the weather.
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. I love that picture of y'all! You are so beautiful Alexis! Happy, happy Thanksgiving! Glad you and yours had a happy holiday... Even with the sickies! XO!

  2. We spent this Thanksgiving in the middle of nowhere, too! Such a contract from the day to day life we're used to! It's definitely a great way to spend the holidays and cherish every moment.

  3. Looks so beautiful out in the country! Adorable! Happy Thanksgiving girl! :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope little man gets to feeling better.

  5. LOVE this post :) Makes me excited to share the holiday excitement with our future kiddos lol! And your tree and all the presents look SO pretty! I'm totally impressed you have that many things wrapped already hehe. I've only got a handful of things purchased, def haven't even bought wrapping paper yet lol!

  6. I absolutely love the little man cute! and your tree looks amazing...I would put mine up that early too if it looked that good. :)

  7. I hope little man is feeling better! I had to go to the dr today and I think my little man is catching what I have....sad face =(. We are heading to the inlaws this coming wkend I hope we are all better by then! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your tree looks wonderful! Landry and I put ours up the Monday before Thanksgiving!