Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Nasties

Somebody please tell me that the illnesses that come, back to back, after having a baby fade with time.
I used to be the girl that would get a stomach bug every 5 years and a cold maybe once every 1 to 2 years. Let me give you a run down of the last 12 months.... Monday wrapped up my 3rd stomach bug and I have had maybe 5 colds. Really??? Really!!! AND my kid isn't even in daycare.
Crewe always gets the lesser of the illness which I am happy about and I always seems to get the worst. My honey just has an immune system of steel. He swears it's because he doesn't stress about germs, eats food if it drops on the floor, you know all the things that makes my skin crawl.
I am hoping something isn't seriously wrong with me. Come on other momma's... has anybody else experienced this??
Ok enough complaining I guess, but the past 3 days have been BAAAAAAD! I mean check out the 2nd picture.

This has become glued to my hip... like I used half this bottle scrubbing my house today. Pretty sure my lungs are collapsing on themselves.

Lots of lounging and momma's hair looking grey
from... ahem.... grease

And today we were all feeling back to normal so momma went to town scrubbing every square inch of our house, soaking all the toys in bleach water and spending way too much moolah on probiotics. I will NOT be doing this 3 times in the next 12 months.
On the upside... my honey was wonderful and plays the Mr. Mom role oh so well. One of the many things I love about him AND I am glad we got it out of our systems before the holidays.
So what's the up and up on staying healthy after babies?
Hope everyone's weeks is going well and full of health!


  1. I am glad you're feeling better! And the cleaner in me would be happy to be healthy again in a spic & span house. :)

  2. I am so sorry that y'all have had the germies a lot's been the same way here. C and I have both had 2 colds in 2 months and thankfully this month was a lot better than last month. I hear you on the major sanitization and wiping down of EVERYTHING...but I have read that if you sanitize too much, that's also not good, so I try not to overdo it even though I really want to just put this baby and all his toys in a bubble! Even with grey greasy hair you still look pretty mama :)

  3. I was the exact same way. I keep saying I've never been more sick in my life than when I got pregnant, and it continued even after having Chloe, and she's not in daycare either. Hopefully one day our immune system will get back to normal, but in the meantime I'm glad you are starting to feel better!

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  5. I'm the same way! Before I got pregnant, I never got sick!! When I was 4 months pregnant, I got so sick that I had to have steroids and an inhaler!! I just got over a horrible cold. I feel like I'm always coughing and sneezing.

  6. Probiotics will be your BFF!!!! Hopefully the sickies stay away form you!

  7. Sorry you were sick, I wish I could tell you it gets better. I only got sick once a year, with strep throat, before having kids and I had it down, I knew exactly what was wrong and would start antibiotics right away and only be sick for like 2 days. But after kids is a different story, mine don't go to daycare either and we get sick. But on a good note, I do notice that it usually goes in years for us. Last year no one was really sick very much but this year we have all been SO sick. I actually have a stinkin head cold again right now. Hopefully you will all stay well next year. =)