Monday, November 12, 2012

Truths about Crewe

For some time I have wanted to dedicate a portion of my blog directly to my boy. I want him to know and never question his worth to God, our family and this world. How much he is loved and prayed for by so many. I am hoping to start this as a weekly letter to Crewe, of sorts.

I shared a powerful series of sermons I worked through, in THIS post. I was thinking how much I want Crewe to be able to have stuff in his life that speaks to him how these sermons have spoken to my heart. I know God will put things like this in his path to help him grow in his faith, much like God has done for me, but I also want Crewe to get a glimpse of my heart, struggles, successes and failures.
We learn so much from our parents.
I saw this on pinterest yesterday and am seriously thinking about taping it to my bathroom mirror so I can refer to it on the days that seem long, trying and my patience is running thin. The importance of always chosing kindness because you always have a choice.
Dear Sweet Boy,
This world is going to feed you words of lies your entire life that are from the enemy and not true, so don't for one second EVER believe those words and question your value, purpose, or how much you are loved.
Every week I am going to post just a few of the wonderful things you are to me... to your daddy... to your savior, so when you get older and life gets harder, when people are mean, when life gets you can just refer back to this list and see the truth in who you are, over the lies.
You have one of the most kind hearts I have EVER seen in a toddler. You are so so sweet to everyone you are around. In fact other kids will take your toys or push you down and it takes everything in this momma heart to not instantly come to your rescue, but I know my job is to teach you how to navigate this world and I will not always be able to recue you from everything. I like watching to see how you are going to react and everytime you do not fight for the toy and you never hit back. People might tell you. later in life, that is a wimpy way to act, but trust me sweet boy it makes me so proud to see how kind your heart is. 

It is a bit hard for me to put into words how much you Daddy loves you. Just today I found out that he has been doing a video diary for you to have when you are older and lets just say you are super lucky to have a Daddy that adores playing with you and letting you "work" with him in the garage.

Such concentration

You are such a good helper. You come running if anyone inserts the word "help" into a sentence that contains your name. I love that you help with every ounce of your being. You are totally present in that moment of helping, which your momma is learning from and how important that is. Never lose that quality. In whatever you are doing always be 100% there and present.

I cannot tell you the amount of joy it gives me to be your best friend everyday and how much joy, purpose, and love you bring to my life. Your zest for the simplest things in life constantly remind me that things can wait and to truly slow down and enjoy every moment of life.

You are only 2 and we are aleady so proud of who you are.
Always remember that in your entire life you cannot control what other people say about you, but you can control what you believe and you better believe you are the best.
Love your Momma


  1. I am way too hormonal today to read this and not get teary eyed. Crewe reminds me of my little Haven before he turned 3 1/2 and started booby-trapping the house. :)

    You're so lucky you get to enjoy the full days with him {and sleep until 9am!}. :)

  2. My 16 month old is so sweet, can tell by his face, and Crewe's face, just the utter sweetness. <3 Beautiful post!

  3. Love love love this!!!!!! Such a great idea!

  4. So sweet! Crewe is absolutely adorable!

  5. That is so beautiful! It'll be special for Crewe to be able to read that one day. I came across that quote on pinterest awhile ago and it has stuck in my head ever since.