Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crewe's 2 year post... grab the kleenex

This was intended to be posted on his actual birthday; however, I have proven to be a complete amateur at parenting a toddler by myself, so I am behind on life in general.


My sweet sweet boy,

How has it already been 2 years since you came into our lives?!?! In your short 2 years you have grown into the sweetest, caring, most loving little toddler, with some strong will mixed in there. It seems like just yesterday I was an overwhelmed new momma wondering how in the world I was capable of keeping another human being alive, let along raise them to be a good person. Today I am overwhelmed at the amount of love my heart can hold and ache, the good ache, for someone else.

I remember taking a shower at the hospital after you were born and wanting to jump ship. I wasn't sure I could do it and the thought of not being the perfect mom to you was too much. Little did I know  you would teach me how to be your momma and we would learn one day at a time.
You and I have grown so much together and I adore that you love me as much as I love you. I love that I will always be your very first best friend (along with Daddy and Sophie of course).... and hope that I can always stay as perfect in your eyes as you see me now. Daddy and I say often that we wish we could just keep you at this age forever and I pray every night that you will always hold the song in your heart that plays so loudly now.

One of my all time favs of these two!

You are so nice to everyone you see and are constantly walking up to people in public telling them Hi. You will continue to say Hi until they acknowledge you. You pretty much steal everyone's heart that you meet.
I love seeing your heart the older you get because it makes me feel like Daddy and I are doing something right in being your parents and role models.

The way you run up and hug my legs tight, while cramming your nose into my behind, or the random kisses that you give us without being prompted, the way you love the broom and vacuuum more than any toy we own. Those melt my heart the most.

 I remember a month ago I was rocking you to sleep smelling your sweet fleeting baby smells on your head and I whispered to you that YOU make me a better me and you do.

Your little personality is contagious. I love the coy smile you get on your face when I tell you not to do somthing... Or when I start counting to get your attention, you finish the numbers before I can get them out.

You are a very cautious little boy in a new situation, but warm up as soon as you see others having fun. It's like you know you are missing out.

You are a very smart boy, but have always done things at your own pace. Daddy and I try to make it a point to just talk to you, not so much to force you to learn something, but we will spell your name for you or name things when we are out for a walk or in the store and days later you will just start repeating it. It blows are minds the way you are absorbing things these days.

Some of the things you love right now are all things cars, animals, your bottle, paci, mommy, daddy, Sophie, Mickey Mouse, playing "ready, set, go" with Daddy, being scared, flashlights, the color purple, cherry tomatoes, cream filling of oreos.

 I can tell your attention span has increased a lot lately as you will sit in our laps and read book after book. You go in spurts of having a favorite book that you want to read. You can spell your name thanks to Daddy and know all of your body parts including your teetee.. again thanks to Daddy. You have been saying "Santa Clause is coming to town" for months and give the best "squeezes". Sometimes I will take you to Toys R Us and just let you play with all the toys for a couple hours. It is heaven to you.

Some of the things you are not so fond of.... large crowds cheering (you cry every.single.time), any motorized ride on toy that they have in malls or at the front of stores, being told "no touch", your pediatricians office, Santa Clause or any human dressed up as a character for that matter.

Momma and Daddy have been working so hard on growing our marriage and our faith. We don't ever want you to question how much you are loved, who you belong to and that we will stay together forever. We want to be the best example of love for you and always want you to know that you belong to Jesus, so that nobody comes along in your life and makes you question where you belong.

I will leave you with this sweet boy....

"Not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is supposed to and if everybody likes you and everybody understands you and everybody includes you.... You are not standing boldly enough for Christ. When Christ is in you it sets you apart.
Lonliness is not an indication of abandonment it's and invitation to intimacy with the one who knows you better than anybody. It may be costly to do Gods will, but be confident in his reward."
- Steve Furtick.

                        Newborn                                        1 year old                                       2 year old

I adore you kid! Like hardcore love you!

And in true momma fashion... I forgot to get candles so we improvised with a match. You were happy.

Happy Birthday my 2 year old.


  1. Oprah Winfrey ugly cry over here! Happy Birthday, Crewe-man!

    And those family pictures are awesome! You look like a real super model. For real. Probably my prettiest friend!

  2. Aw, so sweet - this will be great for him to read when he's older! Happy 2nd birthday to your little man!

  3. This is so sweet! I love how you mentioned that you and your husband are growing your marriage and your faith. My husband and I are working on that too. They are so important in how are children grow up and treat others and the way they think of themselves too.

  4. Aww this is so sweet! Youre such a good mama!

  5. glad you said get the kleenex!! SO sweet and so funny how our two boys are doing some of the same things and like the same things!! Hope your wk is awesome!

  6. Awww! Alexis, this is SO beyond sweet!

    Those pictures of y'all as a family are priceless... You are all so absolutely beautiful! Truly!

    Crewe - you are LOVED by so many!

  7. I never post but this is the sweetest ever. Totally ugly cry. My boy is 18 months on the 22nd and its so bittersweet watching them learn and grow. Thanks for such a sweet letter to your boy.

  8. Aww, happy 2nd birthday Crewe!