Sunday, December 16, 2012


Friday was a very bittersweet day for me. As I woke up for the day thrilled that my husband was coming home after 2 long weeks in Wisconsin... I was completely heart broken upon hearing about the news of the sweet lives that left this earth too soon and so tragically.
I am a thinker by nature and events like these rock me to the core. I mull them over in my head to the point of tears and feel like I cannot escape them.  In trying to understand any of it, I am only left where everyone else is left... with no answer and not much comfort.
My brain desperately wants an answer to the "why" of the tragedy, but at the same time I just want to completely escape from all the pictures, reports, motives etc..... and go on as if it never occurred. I want the safeness that the world felt the day before the tragedy, because to me it felt safer.

I want those babies to be back in their warm bed, with their loving parents and siblings rooms away, and their sweet eyes full of wonder with all the world has to hold. The world seems a bit colder since Friday.
As we learn to move forward and this becomes a memory for most, becaue it will. Our lives will begin to feel normal again... the sadness will fade. The lives of those families are forever changed. They will have to find a new normal in a world that is not near as joyous, hopeful or wonderful without their loved one.
This is the first major tragedy of this nature since I became a mama and it has a whole different meaning to me. It really makes me fearful, which I have a post coming on why we are not called to live in fear, but none-the-less fear creeps in when tragedy strikes.

It is so easy to be consumed by something this tragic, but I feel we serve the victims so much more by using our God given abilities to bring light into a fallen world.
This is not going to end with a pretty bow on top because I really do not know how to end it. These are just some of my feeling right now. If any personal good has come out of this for me (which I understand this has nothing to do with me) it would be that I was definitely slapped in the face with the importance of living an intentional life.
 Intentially loving
Intentially accepting
Intentially stepping out of our comfort zones
Intentially listening
Intentially playing
Intentially sharing God
With that being said I am taking a break from social media for a while to truly focus on my family without the distraction of the news, facebook, instagram etc. I do intend to continue blogging as this is my way of documenting my babes life. but all the other mambo jumbo needs to be silenced for a while.
To the families that lost their babies and loved one. Your children will never be forgotten by America. Their sweet faces are forever etched on our hearts and it is my prayer that the acts of heroism that happened on Friday will be what is written about in our children's history books when this tragedy is remembered.


  1. I love this post. I too have been tossing and turning over this tragedy, losing sleep over it. I am trying to consume every detail of the circumstance so that I can somehow make sense of it. Obviously, that will never happen. I hope you have a nice break from the world of the internet :) Xo

  2. It's just on another level of tragic that I have never faced. I don't think any of us have fully processed what happened that day or why.

  3. There just aren't words for how tragic this is.

    You are so right though, my dear. "It is so easy to be consumed by something this tragic, but I feel we serve the victims so much more by using our God given abilities to bring light into a fallen world." I love that. Love you!