Monday, September 10, 2012

You're the one I want to be with....

If I got paid for everything I have done in my life at the last minute, John could quit his job and we would be millionaires. It never fails that I think I have started something with plenty of time to complete only to rush and stay up until 3 am to get it completed, but what a great segue into talking about my sweet honey. You see, he loves knows this about me and rarely complains.
The days are long but they years are fast. Pretty sure that sums up my life to a T. How is it that we have already been married a year? It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our sweet little one into the world and now here we are with an almost 2 year and celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Next I am going to turn around and be 50.
Let me share with you just a few things that I love so much about the one God chose for me and I really believe that. Not just anyone can "get" me to the depths that John does.
But first lets be real.... marriage is hard, something that continually has to be cultivated and worked on so that it does not fall apart. When I was younger, like 10 years ago, I used to think that once you say your I Do's everything just falls into place... no work necessary. Point me to my life of bliss.
THEN you get married and (if you don't get pregnant before hand and move in together ;-) ) you are forced to figure out how to live with another persons habits, cleanliness or lack of, love of shopping, inability to close the toothpaste cap, fear of food poisoning, love of decorating and vacuuming, procrastination, crazy ideas, swigs coffee creamer like its water, eats ketchup on everything including his steaks (which he gets greatly offended)  well... you get my drift.
You get to live with a crazy person!
Not only did he chose me, but HE also likes most of my ideas and goes along with them or maybe he is just easily swayed by my persuasiveness.
All of the above mentioned are just a hint of what John got when he married moi AND only one of those is something he has EVER complained about.  The toothpaste cap. Yep, that is the guy I get to spend the rest of my life with. As long as I remember to close the toothpaste cap I have a happy husband. Could he be any more perfect???
I can't even count on a whole hand the amount of bad moods he has been in since we started dating 5 years ago. Pretty sure he is re-counting fingers and toes for my moodiness.
He never keeps score or digs into his proverbial filing cabinet that us girls have in our heads, so that we can have every comeback under the sun when a disagreement occurs. He is a simple man and that is why we work so well together.
He even makes every effort to remember things I ask him to do.... help with the laundry (done), take out the trash (check), get up with Crewe if I stay up until 2 blogging (no problem).
Not a day goes by that he doesn't stop what he is doing to send me a text to see how my day is going or call me on his way home to see what he can help me with when he gets
Oh and did I mention he is HOT?
Yep I got the total package and couldn't love him anymore, unless he is sitting on the floor playing balls and reading books with Crewe, then my love bank overflows.
I REALLY had to tame myself with this video! I mean come on, how do you fit 5 years into 5 minutes? THAT is why this post seems late. Not because I started late, but because I had to narrow 5 years of pictures down to 100. Hard stuff I tell ya!
Enjoy my honey and baby! I sure do.


  1. Alexis.... This video made my day. The part where it go to Crewe made me smile. I hope you and John have a wonderful anniversary! You're lucky you have each other. :)

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  4. Happy Anniversary!! Love love love the video! You and your boys are the cutest!! I still hope to meet you one day!! Girls wkend???...maybe this fall/winter? I THINK SO!!! Anyways love it all!!! So happy for you!

  5. So stinkin cute!