Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Blog Design

My brain has been going a million different directions in the past couple of days. I have about 4 posts floating through my head, but the time it takes to go from head to a blog post seems too time consuming right now, so that makes this a perfect time to ask who all has noticed my AWESOME new blog design.

You love it? Why, thank you!

Everything about it is so me and my personality. In fact, the designer was fabolous to work with and soooo affordable. Like $45 dollars for it ALL!

Includes custom blog header, social media buttons (facebook, pintrest, ect), promotional button for your blog, creation of individual pages within site, personal signature, a blog layout based on your chosen colors/style, and installation of your blog.

EVERYTHING you want for $45! Awesome, right?

This hilarious and lovely lady's husband, Chris, designed the whole thing!

Jack and Sally

Definitely go check her blog out and check out more of his work HERE. She will keep you rolling everyday. Yep just click her picture above and you will go straight to her blog! DO IT! You won't be disappointed!
Oh and one more thing, she is offering super cheap advertising, like $10 cheap. If you are trying to grow your blog this is great way to get some exposure!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. I LOVE the new blog design! Chris did an amazing job!

  2. Whoa!! Thanks, lady! I think the new design suits you well. Chris loved your taste. Now get to choppin' on these other posts that are stuck in your head. :)

  3. Great design! I may have to use him once my blog takes off! Maybe I should advertise!?!?