Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creating Happiness

Making the most of bad situations has not always been my strong point. I love schedules, routines, etc.. although that is probably not apparent based on my last post. I am not the best at not letting bad days get the better of me.

Too often I feel like I rely on others to create my little realm of happiness rather than realize I have all the power in the palm of my hands. 
When things veer from the plan I have a hard time adapting and lets be honest, how often do things go as planned?!?
Are you putting two and two together here? I could create a lot more happiness in my home if I learn to go with the flow, not take things too seriously, get messy......
Creating good out of bad situations might not be my strong point, but self reflections and observations are.
Crewe growing up with warm fuzzy memories to look back on when he is 30 IS so important to me.

He's sexy and he knows it!
He (and we) are not going to remember what we wore each day, what house we lived in, BUT smells will take us back to a particular moments in time, traditions we create NOW will make him long for home during the holidays, the way John and I treat eachother will show him how to treat his girlfriends and wife one day, dinners around the table full of conversations will create warmth that last a lifetime. 
Making our home warm, welcoming, loving, happy..... are all things that will stick with him and I am determined that those are what he will remember from his childhood...

To not let the the little things or how people treat me/ view me change the entire disposition of our house and our day.
My hope is that writing these things down will be a constant reminder to create my happiness each day.... rather than wait for circumstances too.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some monetary things that make this momma happy too and that I want to be able to do from my boy.

Like this beauty (Tahoe)

And putting our smarty pants through college debt free.

Lucky for me I sell this crazy little wrap, that is going to make those things possible.
Stay tuned for a yummy low calorie recipe! It has become a regular in our home! AND a before and after of our lifving room, FINALLY!!!


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