Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day in the Life

Get ready, I am about to put ALL of these other schedules to shame. I mean, who gets up at 6 am?!?! Really, I am just pumping myself up for how pitiful I just realized our schedule, or lack ther of, is.

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Starting out with what time I go to bed is probably more pertinant than whe I wake up, cue... Alexis just making herself feel better about what time she wakes up ; )

Ok, so here goes.

Disclaimer: this is a typical day for us. Please rest assured if I have to be somewhere where people are involved I will shower before hand. Scouts honor.

9:00-10:00am  Roll my sleepy self out of bed ONLY because I hear my wee one talking to himself through the monitor. John says I hibernate, which I am pretty sure is not a compliment, meaning I require the amount of sleep that a hibernating bear does, except mine is all. year. long.

10:01 Promptly go to the kitchen to pour myself some creamer with a little coffee. I touch on my creamer love HERE.

10:05 Open Crewe's door to a wide eyed happy baby, who immediately waves at me an says "Hi" very enthusiastically... followed by about 3 books.

10:45 Since neither of us are up early enough to eat a proper breakfast we eat more of a brunch.

11:15am Crewe is starting to show some serious interest in colors, counting, etc... so I have been getting activities together to work with him on this. I will pick out a color and number for the day to focus on. Today was green.

He also has a love for playing with keys and in parked vehicles. He would play in our cars all day if we would let him. We follow playing in the car with a little plant watering, of course this is all done in a diaper in our front yard. Don't you wish we were YOUR neighbors.


12:00pm Momma does something with herself, which usually consist of putting my hair in a hat and hitting the road for a run... followed by some outside play time for Crewe.

2:00pm  Eat lunch and get Crewe down for a nap.

3:00pm Momma sits down to read the bible. I am working hard on making it through the New Testament in a year and am almost to Revelations. About 20 minutes into reading I realize how bad I smell and that my honey will be home in an hour. Showering is a non-negotiable.

6:00pm This time is my favorite time of day and is a big mumbo jumbo of happenings. Daddy gets home, momma pours herself a glass of wine, we cook/eat dinner, watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, play with Daddy.

8:00pm This has become a tradition for us that I am sure will last many years. We all head out into the backyard to eat popsicles and hang out.

9:00pm Daddy gives Crewe a bath and bottle, momma washes the dishes and works on the laundry/ vacuuming etc....


10:30pm  I rock Crewe to sleep (Don't Judge)


11:00pm-1:30am Momma perches on the couch catching up on blogs, email, growing my business etc...

Just being real here people. Oh the life of a stay at home momma! I am really not sure whether to be grateful or ashamed ;-) Oh and trust me when I say not all days are full of smiles! We have our moments!



  1. You are so blessed to have a little one that sleeps in! Enjoy it girl.
    Loved reading about your day and I am now a follower. Be looking for an email from me about applicator because I'm very curios...

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with us Alexis. I loved reading about your day. I love sleeping in, I'm jealous that you get to often. Jackson is an okay sleeper, but I do wish he'd sleep a little later on the weekends. :-)

  3. No judgement here, I do allll kinds of things I probably shouldn't :) I have a neighbor with 2 boys and they LOVE to go play in the car!

  4. Alexis... If I could hate you, I would... but you know I love you too much. I don't think I've slept in until 9am... since.... college? I'm jealous. And you get to hang out with Crewe-man all day!

    Thanks for linking up lady... It reminded me that I need to send you my address! :)

  5. Aw that sounds like the perfect day! I can't remember the last time I slept till 9 am, probably the last time I didn't have dark circles underneath my eyes lol :)