Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Good Stuff

A lot of times in my life the things that don't go as expected turn out to create my favorite memories. Now, why I haven't just learned to go with the flow more when there is a change in plans??? Maybe when the plans change for the 1,561 time.. I will learn to just be cool with it.... not be so... what's the word... uptight, maybe??? Stick up my butt??? Possibly.... You get what I'm saying.
We had big plans of pumpkin patching it Saturday until the hubby and I got into a bit of a disagreement and I did some retail therapy instead.
Pumpkin Patch 2011
 I had played up the pumpkin patch in my head too much to have it go anything but perfect. The disagreement passed but the pumpkin patch will happen next weekend.
Instead Friday night entailed a long excurrsion here... swoon. Two glorius hours of uninterrupted browsing and mentally decorating. A little piece of heaven.

Surprisingly, Daddy and Crewe opted out and stayed home to create this.
Followed by, what Daddy calls "Club de Moran"
I have a feeling this big little gem will stick around for a while.

I also cleaned out a moldy garage fridge in my pajama pants, a tank top and no bra (for 3 hours) WITH the garage door open. Our neighbors love us! It turned out marvelous and would have made for a helluva before and after picture. No pic though ;-(
Sunday was total family time with church.. where Crewe decided to dirty his diaper as we were walking out, shoulder to shoulder with other church goers, causing us to leave a not so pleasant trail and getting some strange looks like we don't bathe.
Followed by lunch
Which led to more shopping.....
Now I am not the one that my friends, family, pretty much anyone.. turns to for fashion advice. Most likely if we hang out you will find me around 2 years behind in the fashion world UNTIL... today. I closed the gap in my fashion statement by about a year today. So, so proud!
In fact I came home and put these babies on with my black tights and a t-shirt and wore them the rest of the night. You know, just to break them in a bit ;-) My husband thought I was crazy. Of course I am just adjusting to being more fashionable.

Notice the nice paint and bleach stains on my knee. Just shows I have
a ways to go before making ANY kind of fashion statement.
We finished off the day with painting in the backyard, wine, steaks and sweet potatoes.

Then we stepped in dog poop, got our feelings hurt and refused to walk on the grass the rest of the night. Can't say I blame him.

This weekend rocked and next weekend has a tough act to follow!
Oh and what programs do you use to make collage pictures for your blog? I need some help!


  1. Oh my word.. .Apparently great minds think alike! I also had retail therapy at hobby lobby, DID (unsuccessfully) hit up the pumpkin patch AND we painted... Woah... No dirty diaper leaving church though.

  2. Two hours alone at Hobby Lobby sounds like a dream! And I think I need to get on this boot bandwagon; I'm always ages behind, too. I have this fear that the boots won't fit over my calves.

    Anyway.... to make photo collage... go to

    Happy Monday!

  3. This post had me cracking up. Those best laid out plans never seem to work, do they? But two hours at Hobby Lobby sure sounds like heaven! I don't own a pair of boots either, so I'm with ya on being behind the times.

  4. We did the Pumpkin Patch and it was just ok for us. I LOVE those boots! Where did you get them? And I'm always in the garage in pj's or tights and a tank top with no bra. If the neighbors don't like it they can look elsewhere.

  5. is probably my favorite.

  6. I need to learn how to go with the flow more too, you are not alone there. And your boots are gorgeous! I would not have even noticed the paint on your tights if you hadn't pointed it out. Oh, and two hours alone at Hobby Lobby, I'm jealous. They are opening the first one in our city pretty soon and lucky for me, not my husband, it is really close to our house, I can't wait.

  7. I so wish I lived close to a Hobby Lobby---two hours by yourself, that really was heaven!