Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Issues Lately and BFF's

Let me take you back a bit to my high school days. Not my favortie time in my life, not the worst, just kind of "meh" for me. Up until my junior year I was pretty content with my looks. I mean I had come to terms with the monkey length arms, not hitting purberty until about 16, but all in all and all I can't really complain.
My junior year I had a mean sweet friend point out to me that my left ear sticks out farther than my right. You would have thought somebody told me a family member just died with how long those 8ish words have stuck with me. Up until that day I had never noticed it and to this day EVERY time I look in the mirror I see it.
Ok so before you all start boohooing for me and consoling me... I have come to terms with it and it kind of makes me laugh now. Kinda.... If ya'll think I am kidding my stepdad used to give me a hard time because I can hold a pencil behind my right ear and it stays... no such luck on the right side.
What sticks out most to me in A LOT of my pictures are my similarities to Legolas from Lord of the rings. You think I am exaggerating?
Here I am with my ever so prevelant ear sticking through my hair. It.Never.Fails to show up. Next to me... Legolas

I'll wait until you can catch your breath.......
Done? As you can see I still have major issues have completely come to terms with it.
Moving on....
My sweet friend Cassie and I have boys that are 10 days apart and we are convinced they are going to grow up and be best friends, keep each other on the straight and narrow, pal around, say no to drugs and make us momma's proud.
Nixon came to hang with us for a bit last night and boy did we have a good time. I will let the pictures do the talking. These boys love each other.

What I would look like with twins..... see the ear?

Planes were flown
Motorcycles ridin

And the boys were totally into my posed photography session.

Love those sweet boys. We are headed to the apple orchard/ pumpkin patch on Saturday... which is sure to result in a video. It's just how I roll!


  1. Haha, oh my gosh, I never would noticed unless you pointed it out. It's true, we all have insecurities. I feel like ears are pointier at the top than others. I used to hate wearing my hair up in a ponytail for cheerleading. Your comparison picture...totally funny but definitely exaggerated! I sure don't see you in Legolas.

  2. Well if you don't have the cutest smile. It is darling. AND you are crazy. I look like Jim Carey with my huge mouth:)

  3. Ha ha ha, I have one ear that sticks out a little too! Although, it can still hold a pencil! My hairdresser complained about it one time when she messed up the haircut....actually blamed me for not telling her my ear stuck out.......I didn't tell her, because I didn't know!!! I'll never forget it!!
    Visiting from the Mommy Brain Mixer.
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  4. Aaaw...I understand that you've accepted it, but I still think it was somewhat mean for your friend to speak about it that way.

  5. Newest follower here! I found you through the Monday Mingle! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  6. Ok, coming from the girl with attached earlobes, trust me when I say, I'd TOTALLY take your sticky-outy ear any day! That's what they call character! Besides, you totally rock it! :)

    And also, to answer your question about catching every bug my kids get? No. For some reason my hubby and I are pretty lucky and don't usually get every.single.thing. It's the "big" icky stuff that we tend to get. You know, the doubled over the toilet, feeling like you're going to die stuff. Betcha can't wait for that, huh?!? :)

  7. If you hadn't commented about the ear, I probably never would have noticed it. I have always had thunder thighs and they are the one thing that I notice the most on me (not my huge belly from giving birth to three babies that all put me on bed rest.) :) We all have our flaws that bother us regardless how beautiful we are. Trust me, you are pretty. :)

  8. Darling boys! We are always our own worst critics... Than,s for hosting!

  9. You crack me up with the ear 'situation'!! Those little guys are too cute together.