Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Momma

 It never dawned on me, until I went through childbirth, that when you get the joyous news that you are expecting, there will also be blood involved. Blood from birthing the babe (I won't even get into the 6 weeks after birth) TMI?.. Well, if you're a momma you know what I'm sayin', blood from pricking your poor baby's heal if they are jaundiced, blood from when they are learning to walk and fall a million times, the list goes on....
This is all quite problematic for me because I turn in a royal wimp at the site of blood.... like I have to give myself a 7 day pep talk just to donate blood. Followed by 48 hours of me telling my husband how exhausted it makes me to donate and I think my blood pressure its too low to do it. Excuses??? Never, not me!
Well a few weeks ago my honey was out of town and my poor kiddo took a HUGE face plant into our wood floor. I say INTO because he literally took a chunk of tooth out of his mouth when he hit. To me that is not ONTO but INTO..... so you guessed it, blood starts going every... he is screaming.. I look into his mouth and half his tooth is missing.. and I panic!!! Like almost called 911 panicked.
Please tell me other mom's react like this at the sight of their own child's blood? Well with that particular instance I surprised myself, gave myself and A+, "way to go" mom, and I am pretty sure I literally reached around and patted my own back.  Lots of blood, Momma acted her age.
AND THEN there was tonight. Sweet boy was chasing Daddy around a rack in Target when I heard the cry... you know the cry... not the "I need a hug because I hurt my head cry", but a true from the gut "something is REALLY wrong" cry. My heart sank and I was afraid to look up from the shirt I was debating on buying.
Blood was EVERYWHERE. Dripping from his nose.... his mouth... we couldn't get baby wipes out quick enough to keep it from getting everywhere and to make matters worse his poor cracked tooth, from his previous fall, cut his lip.
I went into mommy mode, high blood pressure, fast heart rate, inspecting every inch of him to make sure it was nothing too serious. Daddy took him out to the car and THAT'S when it him me!!!
 I just saw a whole lotta blood. Things rapidly declined from there. The room started spinning, the Target lights looked 10 times brighter, my stomach started turning and I new I was in for it.
From there, I sat in the drivers seat, sent John back into Target to finish up the shopping with Crewe while I stayed in the car willing myself not to pass out. Seriously??? Seriously???

It's like I turn into a wimp if I have the option a.k.a Daddy is there, but if it is just me then I can be tough. Although in my defense I do not know how to change it.  
Oh AND.... John text me from inside while I am acting like a 5 year old in car, letting me know that he ran into some of our friends. I can imagine the convo went something like this.
Friends: Is Alexis here?
John: No, she's in the car.
Friends: Why is she in the car?
John: Crewe fell and started bleeding and she reverts to the age of 5 and has to sit in the car with the A.C. on full blast to stay coherent.
So yeah, I pretty much don't know what I am going to do if he ever needs stitches. Advice welcome!

I did rock him a bit longer tonight because it broke my momma heart to see him like. My boy definitely has his Daddy's hair.

Proofreading this just made me realize maybe I should stop at 1 kid as it appears I cannot even keep him in one piece.
Stay tuned for my Dimplage post! You don't want to miss it! I will need input on that too! Oh and if you need an affordable way to advertise your blog do it with Holly's blog. $10 for a whole month. She gave me a shout out today and I have 10 new followers in 1 day.

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  1. It's ok, I turn into a big wuss when blood appears too. I accidentally smashed Evie's finger in the door a few weeks ago. I cried longer than she did lol

  2. Yeah I hear ya, when I got preggers no one told me about the 6 week bleeding thing until I was half way! Killme,
    Anyways love your blog design! Chris did mine too found you because we were both in Holly's spotlight yee haw!

    Look forward to reading more of your blog :)

  3. OMG you poor thing. I freak out. I know this is terrible but when my son was a baby (say 5 months) he fell out of bed and I went into panic mode and ran... yes I ran down the stairs screaming and crying telling my husband to get him to the hospital ASAP. It was awful. AND I don't like bees - one time there was this huge one flying towards me and my daughter was sitting right there - I jetted and left her to get stung. I am a terrible mom... Ugh... So point to my rambling... I feel your pain girl. HUGS.

    1. This comment had me laughing so hard... It takes a lot to admit you left your daughter behind while running for the hills!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is EXACTLY how I am! Honestly I don't know how I had a kid to begin with, all the blood draws, not to mention HAVING the baby! Luckily my daughter is still a bit young that we haven't experienced the blood yet, but I would do the same thing as you, except I probably would have passed out right there in the middle of target. You are definitely not alone mama!

  5. A chipped tooth? Eek! How awful! Poor little guy. :( We were in Wolfforth and our church is Redeemer. You should come check us out! We're on 66th and Elgin and have three services, 9:15, 11 and 5. Let me know if you're coming and maybe we'll see you there!

  6. Oh, Alexis.... Hahahahaha... I can't stop laughing. You are SUCH A BABY! What are you going to do when he plays football and breaks a bone? Or jumps off the table like superman and splits his head open?! It happens. You have to get ready for blood. It's inevitable!

    Regardless of your sissyness, I still love you:)

  7. oh im so with you! ian has yet to spurt too much blood, just the occasional bloody lip. he is amazingly talented at falling without hurting himself, probably because he falls so much. I pass out too. Somehow I made it through Ians pregnancy without passing out or even getting sick from the needles and blood and everything. I was so proud of myself. Then my first appointment for Rylin came along and it took me twenty minutes after my blood draw to collect myself enough to leave the builing. No help here on how to fix it.

  8. I tend to have a panic attack at all things like that, but mainly due to the stress of the situation and how to handle it properly. Surprisingly though, blood is one thing I can handle (so far, anyway). I also once popped my daughter's dislocated elbow back into place (the doctor talked me through it over the phone after saying it was "really easy" and "you can save yourself a trip to the ER"). I guess we all have a thing that makes us lose it as parents.

  9. Hi! Found you on the Find and Follow. I'm amazed my toddler hasn't done anything like this. The closest we've come is a couple of fat lips and some bumps on the head. I go into crazy lady mode any time he falls or I hear a loud crack. High blood pressure, yelling incoherently, pacing's not pretty.

  10. I'm such a wimp, too!! I can't handle blood and when one of mine fall, my first instinct is to run to them, but close my eyes....I'm scared of what I will see! :( You would do great with more than one, kiddo, though! They are all going to fall and scare the crap out of us, haha

  11. Well, my kid is missing a whole tooth (due to too many times rough housing with his Dad and toys) - and when I asked when the new one would grow in - the dentist was all - OH, not till like he's 6 or 7 yrs old. He turned 3 yrs old last month. And really, you will be fine with another kid..because well, they are resilient these kids! that and they are so forgiving..(well until the teenager years, I hear)

    New follower from the hop!

  12. So sorry about your baby boy!! It sucks to see them get hurt and I don't blame you for feeling woozy! You're right though that it would never happen if we are by ourselves!!

  13. I have an almost 4 month old and I am a Nurse. I'm around blood and many other things including life threatening emergencies. It's so funny that I totally keep my cool at work but if something is out of the ordinary with my son, all my knowledge goes right out the window! At home, I'm Mommy first and Nurse second!

  14. I had to come back to this post to see Crewe's sweet chipped tooth. I love it. I know it sucks, but I still think it's totally adorable. Or maybe I'm biased and just love Crewe in general? Either way, he's totally rocking the chipped tooth!