Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have nothing witty to say tonight (do I ever), but do have a boatload of pictures burning a hole in my drive, just begging me to download them.
 So overwhelm yall with pictures I shall.
Thank me later!

Apparently something was in the air, John/ the dog (hilarious),
while Crewe just nomnoms on his popsicle.

Sophie has quickly learned that Crewe + water hose (does not)= Nice leisurely drink,
so she scrounges where she can.

I will leave you with this, don't you just hate when you pass someone in the store, parking lot, running etc.... and you go to give them a closed mouth smile,
only to realize you lips are way too dry for that kind of smile,
which turns into more of a snarl in their direction than a smile, due to your parched lip getting caught on your tooth/gum.
Totally happened to me tonight walking into walmart. HATE that.
Always fell I need to go apologize!

1 comment:

  1. HAHA You're too funny! And little Crewe is going to turn into a popsicle! Also, I love your wall of cross's--- let's see some house pictures!