Friday, July 27, 2012


Not just a whole lot to report this week. I am sitting here drinking a glass of wine (big surprise), blogging, and eating Crewe's leftover, slightly soggy, pez candy.
BUT it has been a good week.

A lot of first, which I love, but it has a slight tinge of sadness that it the only time it will have the same aw and wonder that doing something for the first time has.
That is why in all these "first" moments I try to breath every last bit of it in.

The way he smells slathered in sunscreen,

the way he squeezes my arm just a little bit tighter when he is trying something new, the way he is turning into a people watcher (like his momma),
 the way he is developing his daddy's laid back disposition.

The way he adores his paci and paci clip, the way he loves to "help" around the house,

The way old sprinkler heads become a peg board,  

rocks and popsicles are the perfect end to the day,

bubbles turn into a delicious snack,

and playing peek a boo with mommy is hours of entertainment.
ADORE this picture!
The way you he can spot his reflection from mile away

Just the way he is Crewe so well and what makes me love him so much.

I love the way he stretchs me, molds me, and make me appreciate all the simplicity and happiness life has to offer, if we chose to let it in!

Little man, YOU are the best schooling I have ever had!


  1. what a doll! :)

    just found your blog through the wiegand's link up, following and excited to read more!


  2. Great pictures. Crewe is such a cutie.