Sunday, July 8, 2012

Will it stay like this forever?!?!?

I had a moment tonight as the three of us were sitting on the back patio, way past your bedtime,  having our nightly popsicle.
 It was a feeling of complete gratitude and awe of this wonderful life I have been blessed with. There are so many days that in a 10 minute span I can go from a feeling of ,
 "how I am going to make it until your daddy gets home" to "PLEASE do not grow up! I want you this age for the rest of my life".

Nothing in my life has rocked my world like parenting. It is nothing and everything like I expected and dreamed about. Nothing in my life will ever be the same since the day I heard you take your first breath,
 first smile

  first steps

 first word, first hug, first mimic......

There are so many things about you, little man, that I never want to forget and in 30 years want to remember as vividly as I do now. I want these years etched perfectly in my memory so that when I recall this time in my life, I can close my eyes and relive the smell, the felling, the warmth, the  moment like it was yesterday.

Everyday you seem to do something new and it is like you have discovered something that the world did not know existed. My child you will make us rich! A straw? What is that for?

In the not to distant future, Daddy will be the one who holds the key to your heart and I am okay with that (kind of). You already want to do anything that he is doing.

(Pardon the formatting errors in the middle, no clue what happened or how to fix)

and your lego tower could put the best to shame.

However; I live for the nights that we go outside after dinner (which is around 9 most night) and all eat popsicles together. Those, my sweet boy, are the best and something I am sure I will remember well into my 80's. 

I truly never understood what people meant when they said, "I can't even remember what my life was like before I had my baby". It was mind boggling to me. How could you not remember the freedom, full nights sleep, clean house, heart still in your chest life? Oh my, I totally understand.......... 

My life will never be the same! God is my #1, your daddy my #2, and you my #3. Please never forget how important that #3 spot is to my heart! 



    I can't stop crying! Thanks for that.

  2. I love this post!

    I also find myself trying to speed things to up get to that point in my life where I feel comfortable/skinny/less poor/more together. But the truth is, we should enjoy all these little moments along the way. Although, when Daddy gets home usually is the best time of day. :)

    I love the picture of Crewe mowing the backyard with John. Such a cutie pie.

    How's the house coming along? Crewe doing anything new except getting cuter?

    I'm so jealous of oyur lucious green grass. It's been 110 degrees for the sencond week in a row. The City is asking people to conserve the water... everything is dead and dried up.

    I hope you have a great week! Sorry for the novel... I just haven't got to touch base with you lately! Hope all is well. :)