Saturday, August 11, 2012


Truth 1: As I rocked my wee one to bed yesterday, I was looking at his crib, and it struck me how much his crib scene summed up my life right now. See for yourself.

In the back of the crib you have a smiling Mickey, taking it all in and enjoying all that life has to offer, and in the very same scene you have a sock monkey ready to bail and call it a day.
That has been our life as of late. 
So many wonderful things happening that we are enjoying and relishing in Gods sweet goodness,
but with the good sometimes comes the icky.
And the icky are a constant reminder of how sweet the good is!

Truth 2: Sweet boy forgot how important it was to listen to momma when she says not to play in the pool after she puts your clean/dry clothes on . Yes he did get to ride home in his diaper that particular night.

Truth 3: This is the ONLY way momma makes it through her p90x work outs these day. Mommy guilt? A little. Endorphine rush post workout? Totally voids the mommy guilt.

Truth 4:Frozen yogurt runs and these 2 ARE the perfect Saturday

Truth 5: This is the only way getting my hair up and out of my pajamas happens everyday

Truth : I have been promising before/after pics of our house for far too long. So here is one ; ) and the room isn't finished, so a part 2 will follow.

Note: Plans are still to get curtains up and spray paint the frames above the bed black. We also have a custom headboard in the works.
Truth 7: Browsing through my phone, I came across THIS pic and it was just too good not to share. A perfect depiction of the first 6 months of my life as a new momma.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Crewe has had a serious growth spurt-- such a baby doll!!

    And I love that your workout clothes are covered in paint... Three years later, mine are still the same way. :)

    Happy Sunday... I'll be thinking about you guys this week!!