Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slow and Steady

Thas is our motto this week.

This whole renovating your house, in your spare time, is no joke. I mean it is almost an untainable goal. How in the world are we ever going to get it done? I will keep you posted. We are making progress just VERY slowly.

All that to say, I think my next several post will be heavy on the pictures. I intended to post some before and afters of our progress so far, but forgot to take the "after" while we were there tonight . They really aren't too exciting in all honesty. I just want to give myself some major props for cleaning up the popcorn ceiling off of everything. I mean think like every light fixture, fan blade, door casing, and don't even get me started about how much was caked on the floor. You don't have to tell me how exciting this post is, I can already invision you all on the corner of your seats.

Crewe has not been in the best of moods this week, so the picture taking hasn't been as frequent, unless of course you enjoy looking at pictures of screaming children. I figure if you were into that you could just go to walmart, so I will spare ya'll.

The church sermon was THAT good on Sunday
 The only way I can get ready anymore. Let him play with vitamin bottles. Safe?

We have been playing outside A LOT. In fact he has started throwing fits when we can't go out. I mean throw himself on the floor fits. Can't really blame him. It has been beautiful

Pondering his grumpiness

Throwing up the touchdown to his Target peeps.

 One of the few smiles I got this week, but man it's a good one and I think that lone smile makes up for all the grumpiness.


  1. Crewe is such a beautiful little boy.

    Your popcorn ceilings made me laugh-- been there, done that. It will all be worth it though, right. :)

  2. Renovating is so very tough! We just got through about 2 years ago! It can be testing on a marriage also =) Our sad part is that we got everything done the way we wanted then we moved oh well! What Target are you at that they sell wine? What an even more awesome place! I am in love with that place! We went to the zoo yesterday and my friend would not even stop for me to run in there for just a sec.....yes we are still friends =). The weather has been beauitful here also and hoping it stays that way!! Good luck on the house project!

  3. He is so gorgeous!! oh my gosh! i love crewe!! i love that they sell wine in lubbock now, too! and at target. love it. And your renovations look SO GOOD!! you guys are moving a long so fast!!